July 14, 2024

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The last hours to save your Hotmail account before Microsoft deletes it

The last hours to save your Hotmail account before Microsoft deletes it

However, over time, many accounts became inactive. That is, users did not enter it again. In this sense, Microsoft has decided to update its activity policy to remove all accounts that have been inactive for two years as of August 30, 2019, so on August 30, 2021, many accounts will begin to disappear.

This way, there are only a few hours left for account holders that have not reported any activity in the past two years to be able to save their Hotmail emails, if they wish, by entering their account and showing any activity in it..

This “purge” of emails is due to a change in activity policies that Microsoft created in 2019, with which it seeks to debug its servers a bit from all those abandoned accounts that simply generate errors in the company’s internal databases.

Those people who still use their Hotmail account to receive and send emails on a consistent basis will not suffer any retaliation, since they meet Microsoft’s minimum requirements: in-email activity.

However, even if you have not used your account for two years, but registered it with one of the Microsoft services such as Xbox Live, it will not be deleted either, considering that it is the bridge between the company and the user being able to purchase a membership online.

Likewise, if you have any debt with Microsoft, the account will not be closed either, because it is the only record with which the company guarantees that the person can settle their obligation with it.

Finally, the company guarantees that it will not suspend an account that was used to publish an app in the Microsoft Store, as a way of ensuring that the app or game is not canceled due to a lack of a valid email.

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