April 22, 2024

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Chrome y Edge

The latest graphics drivers from Intel can ruin your Chrome and Edge experience

Intel Corporation may realize that Integrated graphics UHD 770 Introduced in many generations processors Alder Lake cause problems stammer In Chromium-based web browsers running on Windows. This means that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are affected, as well as other minorities such as Opera, Brave and Vivaldi. The version of the original Chromium source can also be calculated, but the use of the browser under this condition is widespread only among Linux users.

The chip giant reaches through a Release “Recent drivers for 12th Gen Intel UHD Graphics 770 processors are causing Edge* and Chrome* browsers to lag severely. Browsers behave as if they are frozen. The click response lag is 2 seconds, scrolling is very late and choppy. The problem can be reproduced by opening many tabs simultaneously or by scrolling and clicking and using a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). “

In other words, sticking with what the company said, the latest versions of the UHD 770 graphics drivers seem to have ruined the experience. Users of mechanical hard drives appear to be more affected than those using SSDs, which may be due to slow hard drives, which for years have been one of the major bottlenecks to be found in home computers.

The environment in which the error was repeated was a computer with an MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 motherboard, an Intel Core i5-12600K processor and Windows 10, but other devices such as Core i5-12500TE, Core i5 -12600 and Core i7 -12700, Core i7-12700K, Core i9-12900, and Core i9-12900K should also be affected by the error.


To solve the problem, Intel recommended that you update your web browser to the latest version, update your operating system (Windows), Delete and clean graphics driversin addition to disabling hardware acceleration or Replace mechanical hard disk with SSD.

Chromium or any of its derivatives doesn’t seem to be going well, since this week Discover a serious vulnerability that have been exploited against Chrome. At the moment, we are not aware that the error detected in Intel UHD Graphics 770 affects Linux, but if it is detected, it is recommended to inform the company and wait for the update to arrive, which will most likely arrive through the kernel and / or Table.