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'The Lord of the Rings' leaves New Zealand for the first time: Season 2 filming will take place in the United Kingdom

‘The Lord of the Rings’ leaves New Zealand for the first time: Season 2 filming will take place in the United Kingdom

To this day, talking about New Zealand is talking about the Middle East. Since Peter Jackson chose his birthplace for the filming of the original trilogy in the early 2000s, our antibodies have been identical to those of elves, hobbits, orcs and witches. But for now, Amazon has decided to bring the product closer to home. It has chosen the UK as the place to produce its expensive and ambitious series. We tell you the reasons below.

By Series lists – 13 August 2021

This should not be an easy decision for those in charge of the series Head of rings. Moving the entire structure they have produced in recent years to create one of the most ambitious series in history A big challenge. Especially when they spend a lot of time setting up and producing image galleries and facilities for all the equipment they are going to use for years. The cost of these is estimated to be a hefty cost More than 450 million euros.

But all of that evidence has already turned out to be a definite one, after finishing filming the first season of the series, now Have decided to leave New Zealand. Why? There are two compelling reasons. First and foremost: Money. Bad metal. Filming is taking place in New Zealand Very high costs Do it in the UK. What else, Amazon Studios They made some strong investments a few years ago Permanent studies In it they have shot many of their titles Wants to make them consistently profitable. That is, they want to set aside everything they have already invested in New Zealand and return to the old continent. Such a movement suggests it The savings should be more than substantial.

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The other reason is the great enemy of our day: COVID-19. Operating restrictions in New Zealand due to infection They are very strict And the resulting a Lots of logistics issues for the film crew. We have to take into account that half of the cast of the series is British. Every time they leave the country they come back inside They should mandate two weeks of isolation Until they roll back. Imagine the scale of the planning issues for the producers. except that There is a limit to the number of people They can stop production every time.

With all of this, Returning to the UK is already a fact. But those responsible for the fiction have confirmed it All post-production for the first season will be made in New Zealand Just as they had already planned. I.e., the team Will stay there until June 2022 Although production will begin before the 2nd season in British lands At the beginning of the year.

That is the path plan they have defined. And the first scene of the first season marked by fire (and in all of us) in his calendar, we remind you, is coming September 2 next year.