June 23, 2024

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At a crucial stage, amnesty for the prisoners of the social uprising in Chile - Prensa Latina

They ratified the nullity of the agreements of the previous legislature of Venezuela – Prensa Latina

In an extraordinary session held on Wednesday at the Federal Legislative Palace, the Venezuelan Parliament invalidated the statements made on May 22, 2018 and May 21, 2019 against the election, declaration and swearing-in of Nicolas Maduro as president of the nation.

Similarly, the parliamentary entity rejected the agreements approved by the previous administration of the National Assembly, according to which it was intended to replace the authority of ambassadors, diplomatic representatives, the Attorney General of the Republic and the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

The purpose of these actions was to deceive the international community and the global banking system into obstructing the Venezuelan state’s control of its assets abroad, through fraud, as part of efforts to impose a parallel government in the figure of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Representative Vanessa Monteiro said the illegitimate agreements of the dissolved National Assembly caused harm to the country by encouraging foreign interference and economic and financial sanctions that affected the social well-being of Venezuelans.

In turn, opposition parliamentarian Timoteo Zambrano highlighted the importance of canceling all previous legislature agreements, as a prelude to dismantling the government’s dual narrative and to ensure the rescue of the republic’s assets abroad.

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