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The Ministry of Health holds its second transitional meeting

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Guatemala City, November 16 (AGN). Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) The second transitional meeting was held with the elected team.

The Ministry of Health received representatives of the elected government, Oscar Arnoldo Cordón and Edgar González, who spoke to them about the work done during the administration.

The meeting, chaired by MSPAS President Francisco Coma, included the participation of the deputy ministers who make up the institution. In this sense, Minister Kuma referred to what was discussed at the meeting:

We provide information on the administration carried out during these years at the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance. Not only are the themes of achievements presented, but also the themes of projects in progress, policies and initiatives on the table that the next team will have to evaluate and evaluate whether they will continue.

Information is available

One of the main objectives of holding these meetings with elected representatives is to learn about the work of the ministry for the welfare of the country. Therefore, MSPAS states that it will continue to provide the requested information. This aims to disseminate the work developed in recent years and follow up on actions focused on providing high-quality services to the population.

There is great progress and there are great positive changes for the country and the population.

first meeting

On October 18, MSPAS authorities met with the people appointed by the elected duo as part of the first transition meeting in that portfolio.

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On this occasion, topics such as:

  • Health infrastructure projects
  • Medical equipment for hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Population-targeted care programmes
  • Investing in the training of health workers at the first and second levels of care, among others.

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