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The Ministry of Health will be the first agency under the mayor's office to take over the powers of the special district

The Ministry of Health will be the first agency under the mayor’s office to take over the powers of the special district

The Cali Public Health Secretariat has worked hard in the past two years to adapt to the new responsibilities that come with exercising the functions of a Special District.

Cali Health District It is close to being a reality. The county public health secretariat is finalizing the details to take a historic leap and start a new phase, which will put the city ahead in order to make it one of the benchmarks in health matters both nationally and internationally.

Next Tuesday (03.29.2022), the Ministry of Health and Social Protection will officially grant the powers conferring the capital of Valle del Cauca as a special region in health affairs.

“Cali will have special administrative powers, political independence from management, and greater economic control in the health sector,” explains Freddy Agredo, a medical specialist at the Ministry of Public Health who has been part of the organization’s transformation.

By assuming the functions of the Special District, the health authority also acquires a series of tools and responsibilities that will help improve the provision of health services in Santiago de Cali.

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“The fact that we can control the qualification of all institutions of health service providers – IPS, will lead to the provision of high-quality service and patient safety. This can be seen in surgeries, external consultations, emergency situations and in the various areas where citizens are cared for”, highlights Dr. Agredo.

He adds that the secretariat will be able to exercise greater control over medicines in the city – both traditional and homeopathic – and the various reagents used in clinical laboratories and technological equipment used in health.

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“Assuming the powers as a district is an order that gives the Ministry of Health more power to be able to carry out and fulfill its role of inspection, monitoring and control. As a municipality, we initially did a part of the inspection and monitoring, while now as a province, we will also control,” explains Freddy Agredo.

Finally, the District Public Health Secretariat will be able to provide more technical assistance to the actors in the system on various issues, in order to ensure the quality of service delivery. Likewise, it will have new functions in terms of radiological and occupational health licensing, records and auditing, as well as leading the adoption and implementation of Integrated Healthcare Pathways-RIAS.

step by step process…
Law 1933 of 2018 elevated the municipality to the category of Special, Sports, Cultural, Tourist, Commercial and Services District, which allows Cali to have powers, tools and resources that give it greater autonomy to promote the integrated development of the city.

Although the draft agreement for the territorial reorganization of the city has not yet been approved by the council, the mayor’s offices have begun to move forward the relevant procedures before the national entities, gradually taking over the functions and responsibilities that they will acquire. The total transformation process can take several years.

Freddy Agredo – Medical Specialist at the District Public Health Secretariat

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Regional Communications Secretary for Public Health

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