June 25, 2022

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The unpublished scene of 'Batman' putting his long teeth down for fans

The unpublished scene of ‘Batman’ putting his long teeth down for fans

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “Batman”

Warner has released a previously unseen sequence of Batman In which he appears, somewhat more vividly than can be seen in the film, his mortal and fearsome archenemy: Joker. His almost complete absence in the film appears not to have been the initial plan, though the character, played by Barry Keoghan, remains a footnote in the plot, simply as Arkham’s “adviser” in Batman’s investigation of the Enigma crimes.

The most curious thing about the sequence, no doubt, is how it was planned: Matt Reeves always shoots the clown prince of crime behind hive glass and with a constant lack of sharpness, as if he were a ghost. That doesn’t stop us from seeing the horrific burns on the face and hands, in what is undoubtedly the Joker’s worst incarnation to date, even over a face marked by Heath Ledger’s brutal scars.

Is this a hint that the Joker will be the villain? In the virtual game “The Batman 2” Which is probably in its early stages of development? It’s still too early to tell, but Keoghan definitely gives scary interpretation From the Joker, where there is no shortage of creepy laughter or his penchant for fighting Batman with great comments of sadism and black humor.

The scene was released as part of the proposed puzzle game after the final credits, sending the scenes to rataalada.com. Today the site has been updated with three new puzzles and this little gift for those who get it right (although Warner has also officially released it): The Joker is more terrifying than ever.

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