July 5, 2022

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The Ministry of Health's call for "everyone to care and promote health"

The Ministry of Health’s call for “everyone to care and promote health”

On April 7 every year, World Health Day is celebrated, after the World Health Organization was founded on this day, but in 1948.

Within the framework of this date, German Escobar, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Service Delivery, noted that today is celebrated not only the creation of this multilateral organization, with which Colombia has an important global agenda, but also awareness of the importance of this portfolio

“We create awareness, we celebrate our health and we celebrate actions that aim to promote health, prevent and treat diseases and, at the last moment of our lives, achieve a dignified death. This is the continuity of care,” Escobar emphasized.

In this arrangement of ideas, under the global slogan “Our Health, Our World,” each April 7th reflects on what has happened in the world in recent years and the challenges each national public health event brings. And all over the world.

Obviously, one of the topics that is resonating at the moment is the SARs-CoV-2 pandemic, which has put the entire world in a state of nervousness regarding health. “In the pandemic, we have seen how completely our environment, the conditions of the environment are connected with the conditions of disease of our population”Deputy Minister raised.

He also explained that there is an intersection between environmental conditions and health conditions, which are also part of the social determinants of health. Thus, the topics of interest to the sector are also of interest to other areas of knowledge and action, since both assume the consequences of what is happening.

That is why, according to the authorities, health should be a cross-cutting issue for all others, which disseminate knowledge and receive it from other wallets. “We have invoked the understanding of public health as a health issue in all policies: environmental, cultural, economic and social,” added Escobar.

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For this reason, the official stressed, this is the call of this and every day, and explained that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection has shown that health can and should be part of this intersection.

“For this time that comes, hopefully already approaching the post-pandemic phase, We have important challenges in all these dimensions and we will work on them through this vision, cross-sectoral, and alignment with our reality, our lands, our people and the times in which we live.The Undersecretary concluded with the circumstances and challenges that each of them brings.

Along the same lines, in recent days, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz, identified the main challenges of the health sector, the digital transformation of the provision of services and the management of the system itself, as well as the relationship between the actors in the system to provide a more modern and dynamic experience for users.

The official also mentioned that this challenge, perhaps the most important for the system, had to advance during the most dangerous moments of the covid-19 epidemic: “To deal with the covid-19 epidemic, we had to make some adjustments from the digital. It was necessary to interconnect.”

Among the specific initiatives that the ministry had to use to solve the requirements of the pandemic, the minister referred to the development of the CoronApp, which later became the digital ministry, “which is a small revolution towards the future in the relationship between the system and the citizen.”

He also talked about the applicable uses in terms of georeferencing, genetic monitoring, providing services through telehealth and capturing and exploiting large amounts of data (big data, data analytics).

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The minister pointed out that The system should be geared towards inclusivity in the care process and provide health services with opportunity and quality, without restrictions on access.place the individual, his family and society as the center of the system and contribute to the development and economic growth of the country.