July 14, 2024

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The National Museum of Maya Arts in Guatemala reopens

The National Museum of Maya Arts in Guatemala reopens

The president of this nation, Alejandro Giammattei, said that from 2020 until now, the current executive has invested 187 million quetzals (about $24 million) in projects to restore and enhance heritage.

At the official reopening ceremony, he stressed the importance of giving arts and culture the place they deserve.

The President and Sector Secretary Felipe Aguilar urged that future generations spread this legacy.

Giamatti highlighted the legacy of former museum director Daniel Aquino, who died last year and whose name the conference hall will bear.

The Head of State thanked that personality for his efforts, “even in his last days.” The man who was dreaming confirmed his transformation.

For his part, the head of culture and sports said, “This cultural place is a space that shows us as an amazing country.”

The National Museum of Maya Arts houses iconic pieces from the pre-Hispanic and post-Hispanic assimilation period, treasures more than three thousand years old.

The exhibition area is 4,200 square meters and 2,000 square meters are dedicated to the restoration and research of the objects that make up his many selections.

It houses 35,000 archaeological and 15,000 ethnic objects, complemented by a small collection of sculptures, paintings, replicas, architectural models, dioramas and decorative designs.

Among them are pieces made of obsidian from the highlands of Guatemala, bearing representations of deities and celestial symbols among the moons, stars and constellations.


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