May 23, 2022

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The new Dacia Duster 2024 promises to retain one of its greatest advantages

The new Dacia Duster 2024 promises to retain one of its greatest advantages

The A new generation of Dacia Duster It is already in full development, because it will be in 2024 when we will see the third development of this model on the streets. Created as part of the idea to put it on the market Simple, cheap and really off-road capable SUVThe Dacia has had amazing sales success with the Duster, a formula we now know will be preserved for its new generation despite the fact that it will introduce many improvements and novelties. So, Dacia Duster 2024 will continue to have 4×4 versions and good off-road skills.

Taking into account that The current Dacia Duster is actually an update of the original dusterthe Romanian manufacturer approaches the third generation of this model from a radically different perspective, since Duster MKIII will be a brand new car. The major and most important changes will come with Using the CMF-B platform already used by Sandero and Joggera more modern and capable platform than that of the current Duster derived from that used by Clio III, although one step lower than the CMF-B used by current Clio and Captur (very similar, though better equipped) .

However, due to the change of platform, a very important doubt was finally clarified by Dacia, which is whether the new Duster will remain true to its description as a truly capable off-road SUV with a 4×4 engine, or, conversely, it will evolve into A more urban concept where she will spend part of her off-road skills. This confirmation came from Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot.

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Le Vot elaborated many details on how to plan the new Duster, a car that will hit the streets in 2024. Bearing in mind that by then in the Dacia range we will also see a larger SUV with a more urban and familiar vocation. With the new Bigster, Dacia wants to keep the duster position between B and C thanks to its 4.35m length. but also, Dacia also intends to maintain this vehicle’s focus as a multi-purpose vehicle, capable of service in and out of town.Looks like this It reaches not only the most famous audience, but also the professionals.

The Dacia Duster MKIII wants to remain a simple and affordable SUV, but without giving up its 4WD capabilities

And it is there where it makes sense to preserve the off-road capabilities (free height and good off-road dimensions), as well as the width of the all-wheel drive system. And that’s as Duster’s sales have shown thus far, The combination of low price and good off-road capabilities has made it the ideal alternative to the old SUV. Either they had no one to succeed them, or the one they had had a huge price hike.

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