July 2, 2022

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The New Zealand referee scored a goal in the playoffs to knock Costa Rica out of Qatar in 2022.

The New Zealand referee scored a goal in the playoffs to knock Costa Rica out of Qatar in 2022.

Bill Duiloma, 27, scored three goals in the final round of the Oceania qualifying round.

One last ticket to compete Qatar World Cup 2022 It features Costa Rica as the protagonist, who will face New Zealand on June 14 in Doha in search of a presence at the sixth major World Cup event in its history.

On the black and white team, they are aware of Costa Rica’s hierarchies, however, they are not diminished by the personal quality of the tricolor’s leading players such as Keeler Navas, Brian Ruiz or Celso Borges.

Instead, Phil Tuiloma chose defensive reference New Zealand Highlighted the offensive power of Chris WoodThe 30-year-old striker, who is also a well-known figure on that national team, currently plays for Newcastle in the Premier League and has scored five goals this season.

New Zealanders believe they “have the best options to classify themselves” Qatar 2022”, And promise a detailed study Costa Rica To kneel Dikos at Ahmed bin Ali Ground; Phil Duloma As he revealed in an exclusive interview with ESPN, he even sees himself scoring in that match.

How do you digest the fact that Qatar is almost a month away from the competition that will qualify you for 2022?

“It’s very exciting, we know we’re playing against Costa Rica with the best team, the best players, but we’re focused on getting this match in June.”

You said recently that it was a dream, and how does the whole team take it?

“Of course, this is a World Cup, it’s a kid’s dream, it’s the biggest event in football, it’s very valuable to be in the best positions, the only game to play against Costa Rica, we can already be there.”

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A game is played in neutral territory, how do you analyze it?

“Well, only one game decides, for both teams, like us, they are going to study us, we have a great team, they too, we are strong, they finished well, we know, but it is a job we have to work to defeat them. I saw some great action from the last few games and they were strong. “

What do you know about Costa Rica players?

“They are the best players, they have quality players at every level on the field, we have to study them well, we can do our part, we can reach the goal with order. We risk everything in one game to be in the World Cup, this is the opportunity, we have to take advantage of this.

Costa Rica is a mix of Golden Generation and young footballers, how is New Zealand?

“This is a good combination between experienced players and young players, newcomers have more energy, we have, we feel like we are in the same situation, we have to prepare ourselves well physically and mentally, I think they can help us in a friendly way before a big match against Peru

Do you think it was given in support of Costa Rica?

“No, I do not think so. As I said before, I feel we have better opportunities, we have better players in Costa Rica, we need to focus on our weaknesses and try to neutralize their strengths.

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Have you read the Costa Rican Strikers?

“I don’t know much about strikers. They have great players. They are at the highest level of international football. I recognize that.”

He was an ally of David Guzman and Julio Coscond and now he shares with Marvin Loria, what do you think about the Costa Rica player?

“They’re very passionate footballers, now Julio Cascande is in Austin, Marvin is here, they are very hard working players, they try to improve every day, they have quality footballers, they have great chemistry. I talked to them and try to stay in touch with them. “

Are they making fun of the game in the timber locker room?

“Yes, of course some players go to New Zealand and others to Costa Rica, but in a fun way, some jokes, but not much. We do not talk much about the game.

Should Costa Rica pay special attention to Chris Wood?

“Chris Wood is a great striker, in a great league in the world, it’s great to be one of the leaders, especially for the youngsters, it’s so good for us to have him, we have footballers who admire other teams.”

Do you see yourself scoring in the playoffs that give New Zealand a place in the World Cup?

“Of course, I see them scoring and passing against Costa Rica. Like I said, they have a great team, great players, but we have a great chance.”

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