July 2, 2022

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Apple promises to change the USB-C port on iPhone

Apple promises to change the USB-C port on iPhone

Apple is working on future models of its iPhone I would like to replace the Lightning port with a USB Type C port, That would be accompanied by an adapter to be able to continue using the accessories with your own brand connector.

The European Union intends to make USB-C the common charger for electronic devices, with the aim of reducing electronic waste and increasing the convenience of the consumer, who will only need a standard charger.

This decision mainly affects Apple, since most of its products (equipment and accessories) include a Lightning port, While the use of the USB Type-C port is widespread among Android phones and tablets.

Apple already has some iPad and Mac models with a USB-C port, and is now working on new iPhones that would include this charger, not its own, as a USB-C analyzer. BloombergMark Gorman.

This change will not materialize in the iPhone 2022 lineup, But the following year, the data coincided with that shared by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Specifically, this person indicates in a series of ‘tweets’ that a new iPhone with USB-C will arrive in the second half of 2023, and that the movement will improve data transfer and charging speed.

Gurman also mentions that Apple will be working on an adapter that can be used with accessories that still have a Lightning port, because, as Kuo also notes, There will be a few years in which both ports of the tech company’s products coexist with the increased supply of accessories with the new port.

Apple plans to integrate a health delivery service into Apple Health

Apple is working on new improvements and functionality in some of its original services, such as Apple Pay, Apple Fitness + and Apple Health, as it plans to integrate a service similar to Instacart, a “delivery” for buying healthy food.

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As mentioned Bloombergthe company is developing New features for your services related to health, physical care and payments.

Specifically, Apple is working on Improving the Apple Pay mobile payment servicewhere you plan to implement a non-instant payment system.

This will allow you to pay for purchases in installments.an option also offered by some credit cards which will be called “Buy Now, Pay Later” (“Buy Now, Pay Later”).

This job won’t be new, since then Bloomberg It announced in July last year that the company was developing this model to encourage iPhone users to use their phones for everyday transactions.

On the other hand, the tech manufacturer intends to integrate similar functionality to Instacart, a platform for home delivery and healthy eating.

this feature It will allow the purchase of products such as vegetables and fruits through its nutrition and health care service, Apple Health.

These purchases will be combined “With nutritional facts from the app”so that users can know the calories, sugars, and other data of products purchased through this service and those consumed.

Likewise, he reiterated that those from Cupertino are planning to expand Apple Fintess+ options with new exercises, thanks to the implementation of the latest iOS 16.

Finally, they took the opportunity in the post to introduce it New details about the “Devices” subscription program announced at the end of last March.

This proposal will allow users to purchase a device from the brand, such as an iPhone or iPad, and pay a certain amount per month. According to a previous post, This service will arrive in late 2022 or early 2023.

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right Now, Signing up for this plan can be as easy as activating a paid subscription for some Apple services through your App Store account.

*With information from Europa Press.