May 22, 2022

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The Nvidia RTX 4090 will have a computing power of 100 TFLOPS

The Nvidia RTX 4090 will have a computing power of 100 TFLOPS

Graphics Card GeForce RTX 4090 from nvidia It comes out again with very revealing new information. Two fairly reliable sources indicate that Nvidia promises this graphics card with performance 100 TFLOPS in FP32.

The Nvidia RTX 4090 will have a computing power of 100 TFLOPS in an FP32

Recently, we got the information that RX7900XT It will have a total return of 92 TFLOPS. However, Nvidia will respond with a RTX 4090 A performance that, on paper, is about 100 TFLOPS. Therefore, Nvidia will have a small advantage with its RTX 40 series, at least, on the high end.

When we compare the RTX 4090 with the current RTX 3090 Ti, the output in TFLOPS FP32 will be 2.5 times more, so we should see an exceptional jump in performance from 40 TFLOPS. If we compare with the RTX 3090 graphics card, the jump will be 2.8 times higher.

Sources 55 s Kopite7kimi They agree that the TFLOPS war will only be part of the battle for the fastest graphics on your desktop. There is talk that there will be other key performance points between the RTX 40 series and the RX 7000. We’re talking about Ray Tracing and other features, like DLSS and FSR, that will tip the balance between gamers, but everything points to Nvidia getting the performance crown. in the next generation.

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Graphics Card RTX 4090 has the chip M 102, which contains about 18,432 CUDA cores and has a clock speed of 2.7GHz. However, the AD102 chip from the 4090 may not be the full GPU, reserved for the Ti.

RTX 40 graphics cards will be released later this year to compete with AMD’s RX 7000 series. We’ll keep you posted on news.