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Seguidores de la ONG señalan: "Si bitcoin es una moneda extranjera por qué se trata como un valor". . Composición por CriptoNoticias Fuentes:  erika8213 /  elements.envato.com  ;  New Zealand  /  es.wikipedia.org .

The organization is asking the government to consider bitcoin as a foreign currency

Key facts:
  • The NGO believes that a foreign currency should not be classified or taxed as an asset.

  • The organization made the request in a letter to the country’s prime minister.

Lobby New Zealand, a non-profit organization, sent a letter to the country’s Prime Minister, Jacintha Ardern, requesting that the government recognize Bitcoin (PTC) as a foreign currency.

The letter was Published This Monday, June 14, 2021 on the NGO’s Twitter account. The document calls Central administration to fulfill this request within 86 days, During the forecast of the Act Cryptomani In El Salvador it is joined by a regulation called the Legal Tender.

The organization added to that letter New Zealand needs to fulfill its obligations as a sovereign nation. He believes it is reasonable to assume that many New Zealanders and Salvadorans will travel between each country when normal international travel resumes after September 7, 2021. For those coming to New Zealand, switching from Bitcoin to the New Zealand Dollar may be taxable under current law. The lobby believes this is very unfair to New Zealanders and Salvadorans

In the last paragraph of the letter, The NGO says it is ready to help them legally To make the necessary changes to make Bitcoin considered a foreign currency.

NGO calls on LG to fulfill this demand in New Zealand with the final regulation of bitcoin law in Salvador. Source: turismo.org.

In another tweet, Lobby New Zealand He argues That A foreign currency should not be classified as an asset or taxed According to the law of that country.

The NGO opened a book on the response of its followers to this last proposal. For example, the user ZoombiDip Points out: «That is true for SEC [estadounidense]: If Bitcoin is a foreign currency, why is it considered a safe haven? Janet Yellen should address this.

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Otro tuitero, Free Market Maximalist, Said: ‘I may not understand the tax implications of assets against currency. But I firmly believe that in most countries it is very different. ‘

What is Lobby New Zealand?

On its website, Lobby New Zealand Gives Like a Independent non-profit organization. “Our goal is to achieve a better outcome for all New Zealanders,” the company added: “The question before us is whether your actions and policies are in the best interests of our community.”

Among other things, this NGO contains Request Through press releases to the Government of New Zealand Condemns Hamas actions amid violent clashes in Israel.

There is that too Requested That properly Trevor Mallard has resigned as Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives He thinks he missed the investment of his position.

Bitcoin law regulation must be ready within 90 days

The lobby coincides with New Zealand’s request time (90 days) in which the regulation that comes with the law is estimated to be ready. Bitcoin To give legal tender to the most popular cryptocurrency in Central American country.

Such as He pointed out Recently John Kodai, a political science student in Guatemala and co-founder of the Coincaex transaction «Blog de la Allianza Blockchain », aired on YouTube and reported by CriptoNoticias:

The next 90 days of what is happening in El Salvador are subjective to define how this issue is going to develop. There are many features and variables that the government needs to consider … they only have 90 days for that. They cannot be redirected.

Juan Kodai, co-founder of Coincaex Exchange.