August 8, 2022

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The original The Witcher receives a mod to play its introduction in virtual reality

The original The Witcher receives a mod to play its introduction in virtual reality

Maher Modder aka Patry Loan is working on a virtual reality version of the magician Developed by CD Projekt Red and recently shared an updated version that allows players Experience the introduction through the eyes of Geralt of Rivia (he goes computer games). The modern In question it can be downloaded absolutely free of charge through this link It is compatible with a variety of VR devices: HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest via Oculus Linkamong other things.

Latest version of modern Includes dialogue and combat options; Users with Oculus Touch Controllers can take objects from scenarios – excluding food, furniture, or weapons used by NPCs – and even Use the magician’s sword. “Every detail, every prop element has been retrieved, carefully transported from the original game, recreated and recreated, then placed exactly where they should be with careful analysis and love,” Loan said of this remake. It should also be noted that Most of the decorations have been upgraded to 4K To make it more pleasing to the eye.

Changes to the combat system and additions to dialogues

Instead of moving the already outdated combat system from the magicianThe Modder He replaced it with a simpler, more direct, and less complex sword: “Just wave the sword to attack your enemies,” he commented. Players can pull the sword from the scabbard that Geralt carries on his back and even Unleash it against his enemies.

Regarding the dialogues, Luan stressed that users have the possibility to “turn their heads at any time” and that it has been added. Additional knowledge-based content for nearly every scene. This way, no matter how much you know the video game by heart, a file modern Offers a “fresh and refreshing” experience.

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