January 19, 2022

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The peoples of the Caribbean Community will always have the respect and friendship of Cuba "the World" Granma

The peoples of the Caribbean Community will always have the respect and friendship of Cuba “the World” Granma

“We support the efforts of our Caribbean brothers to consolidate their regional integration and, as usual, Cuba is ready to offer its modest cooperation. The peoples of the CARICOM will always be able to count on Cuba’s respect and friendship,” said First Secretary of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, on Twitter.

Yesterday, the head of state opened the words of the 49th anniversary of the formalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba by four of the first Caribbean nations that had just gained independence: Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica.

At the Parque de los Próceres Caribeños, in Havana, the Vice-President of the Republic, Salvador Valdes Mesa, reiterated his gratitude for the historical support of the countries of the Caribbean against the unjust US blockade, and noted that on that day in 1972 was the diplomatic isolation imposed by Washington.

He expressed appreciation for the ties between CARICOM and Cuba in difficult moments of the impact of COVID-19, which have distinguished themselves “with solidarity and cooperation, and, as far as possible, Cuba has responded to requests for support by more than 2,000 specialists. In 19 countries and regions of the Caribbean, to attend the emergency situations of the epidemic. As He thanked the CARICOM countries that had sent material donations to Cuba.

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On behalf of the CARICOM, the Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, George Maurice Godwin, reiterated that CARICOM “will continue to support and express solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, as well as its right to self-determination”.