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The phrase that experts recommend using every day to be happier

The phrase that experts recommend using every day to be happier

“A state of pleasant spiritual and physical satisfaction. “Bliss, fortune, contentment, contentment, well-being, luck, prosperity, luck, joy, wealth” are the definition and synonyms that the Royal Spanish Academy indicates about the word ‘happiness’. This concept is a state that many people consider their goal in life, but it is not always easy to achieve.

Illness, poor economic conditions, personal losses, and other problems or concerns of daily life often prevent us from fully experiencing happiness, which can often be considered utopian. However, happiness can It starts to be a bigger part of everyday lifealthough not constantly, but often.

This, among many other things, can be achieved using certain mental aids that we can do ourselves if we are familiar with some of them. Behaviors and thoughts Which we do. Specifically, the way we speak, not only to others, but to ourselves, can greatly impact how happy we are.

This is what Neil Pasricha, author of books on happiness and director of the Global Happiness Institute, said (Global Happiness Institute) which indicates this To be positive and happy, the first thing we should pay attention to is language. That we use with others and with ourselves. In this way, he and psychologist Leslie Richardson pointed out the phrases that the happiest people repeat daily. We tell you what they are.

‘Tell me more’

Through this phrase, in a conversation with another person, we show a genuine interest in listening to what they are telling us. From this we can learn and develop our empathy, which will improve our connections with others, which is fundamental to people’s happiness.

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This word or expression reflects the perception of our responsibilities and actions as a choice rather than an obligation, and replacing “I must” with “I can,” which frees us from restrictions and makes us more free, which brings us closer to happiness, according to what experts said.

Rose, thorn, bud

Although this is not a word or phrase to pronounce, it is a way of receiving what happens to us. According to Pasricha, a rose symbolizes the highlights or small good things of the day, a thorn represents something that hurts you or is not going well, and a bud represents an illusion. Therefore, knowing how to recognize what is a rose, what is a thorn, and what is a bud can help us be happier.


Just thinking about it, without even saying it, and saying “yet” is hopeful, because in our brains the possibilities open for the possibility of doing something sooner or later, representing an opportunity to create something good for us or fix something that is wrong.

“I’ll focus on…”

Within a routine full of stress and hundreds of responsibilities, knowing how to prioritize our affairs helps us achieve happiness. Hence, we must learn to focus only on a particular activity when we have to do it, and not think about anything else while doing it.

“Will it matter in a year?”

This question helps bring calm when we find ourselves in a tense or anxiety-inducing moment, because by realizing the true extent of the matter we can feel much better, and even help us find solutions.