May 20, 2024

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At a crucial stage, amnesty for the prisoners of the social uprising in Chile - Prensa Latina

The President of Tico praised the value of the Multidimensional Poverty Index – Prensa Latina

Let’s make this a great tool so that more people can benefit from it, Alvarado said while speaking at the event Fulfilling the United Nations Common Agenda: Action for Equality and Inclusion, co-sponsored by the Network of Leaders to Strengthen Multilateralism Together and Pathfinders for Peace and Just and Inclusive Societies .

At the meeting, which took place at New York University’s Center for International Cooperation, Alvarado said that in the case of Costa Rica, IPM allows the phenomenon of people living in poverty to be addressed with greater understanding and understanding.

Having determined that this tool makes it possible to bypass the usual income measurement and remittances for the poor, the Costa Rican president encouraged his partners to move in this direction, because it is a wonderful tool.

He pointed out that before assuming the presidency, he was the Minister of Social Welfare and was responsible for its activation.

I can tell you that it improves the quality of our policies; But most importantly, improving the quality of services provided to the most vulnerable groups.

On the last day of his stay at the United Nations, President Tico spoke, through a pre-recorded video, at the Summit on Sustainable Food Systems, where he called for fair trade, where price covers production and post-harvest costs, marketing and investment.

He pointed to the need to change the way food is produced, consumed and perceived, and to search for solutions adopted by all to achieve tangible and positive changes in food systems in the world.

Alvarado took the opportunity to renew Costa Rica’s commitment to family farming and support the creation of the Alliance of Countries for Family Farming.

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While attending the opening of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which began on Monday, Alvarado participated in and in parallel with the various forums, panel discussions and events of that body, and also held bilateral meetings with others. Heads of state and leaders of global entities.

Speaking on the first day of the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly, he urged global powers to act in the face of the health, economic and environmental crises affecting the planet, and declared that in a fully globalized world, the well-being of the most vulnerable also meant the well-being of the strongest.

Alvarado will return to Costa Rica today.

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