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The price of the dollar today, Monday, September 11.  How did the exchange rate appear in Mexico?  Teach me science

The price of the dollar today, Monday, September 11. How did the exchange rate appear in Mexico? Teach me science

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The peso rises by a small margin, only -01%. this Monday 11 SeptemberThe US dollar in Mexico is priced at 17.5209 pesos, According to data from PesoMXN.com. An upward divergence is already beginning to be noticed relative to yesterday, which was priced at 17.5286 pesos. Regarding purchases in general, the day falls on 17.0878 pesosthe general sale of 17.9541 pesos. (Update: 7:00 AM)

The exchange rate at different banking institutions in Mexico is shown below:

Image credits: Teach Me About Science

Regarding the list. Among the banks mentioned in the list, the average day is at 17.3815 Peso per dollar. As for the purchase, it is located in 16.8212 pesos And sell to 17.8959 pesos.

The price of the dollar on credit cards in Mexico:

Image credits: Teach Me About Science

The average price of the dollar in credit cards It is found in 17.5766 pesos. The average purchase is 17.14 pesos And for sale 18.01 pesos.

to PesoMXN.com, is the portal responsible for evaluating the average exchange rate of the dollar against the peso from 33 sources, whether from institutions or banks. The exchange rate is set at 17.52 pesos Today in Mexico. The general purchase exchange rate is 17.08 pesos And the general exchange rate of sales is 17.95 pesos. (Updated on Monday, September 11, 2023 – 7:00 am).

Reviewing the 32 sources, PesoMXN.com records the following:

  • The highest buying exchange rate for a dollar against a peso is 17.28 Mexican pesos in pansy.
  • The lowest exchange rate to buy a dollar against a Mexican peso is 16.30 Mexican pesos at Scotiabank.
  • The highest selling exchange rate for a Dollar into a Mexican Peso is 18.49 MXN in Monex.
  • The lowest selling exchange rate for Dollars to Mexican Pesos is 16.92 Mexican Pesos at CIBanco.
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How much is a euro?

The euro is rising. As for euro, Average exchange rate in Mexico for today today Monday 11 September that it 18.95 pesos With a slightly larger difference compared to yesterday 18.09 pesos. The general purchase exchange rate is 18.29 pesos The general exchange rate for sale is 19.62 pesos.

How much is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is in decline. Regarding Bitcoin (BTC), this Monday 11 September At the beginning of the day I was quoted in $25,871.36 (USD) each bitcoin, With a marked difference in this regard, since yesterday $26,217.80 (American dollar). As Binance mentioned in its report website. USD to BTC price updates are on at present. Bitcoin is +1.46% during the past 24 hours, +.36% In the past week and -12.28% in the past month.

If you want to stay informed about the price of the dollar, the euro and bitcoin on a daily basis, you can enter our “dollar price” section, where you will find a daily report on the value of the dollar and the euro against the dollar. The peso and the time value of bitcoin.

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