April 13, 2024

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The racing game already has a new release date

The racing game already has a new release date

One of the greatest wishes of all FromSoftware fans is for Bloodborne to come back to life with a new PC version. Although the wait has become quite eternal and there is no news of this happening sooner or later, there are those who still remember the game, hence we would have received the Bloodborne Kart a few months ago. A project developed by amateurs.

The racing game was scheduled to be published at the end of January. But just two days after seeing the light, Sony entered the arena to cancel its release, banning it because those responsible for this title resemble the game Mario Kart. They didn't have the rights To use names or any element that could indicate the work of FromSoftware.

This caused its arrival to be postponed indefinitely until appropriate changes were made. This brings us to today, because after several months without knowing anything about the state of the game, it has been confirmed through a new trailer that the name has been changed and will now be called Nightmare Cardwhile its core will remain intact.

This will leave us racing at full speed across 16 maps, with the possibility of choosing 20 different characters, to which we will also add battles against final bosses and local split-screen multiplayer for those who want to see faces against their friends.

The best part is that it already has a new publishing date, which is… May 31 The day that was chosen for him Nightmare Card It debuted on Steam and Itch.io, but best of all it has an original idea Completely free For those who want to join this competition.

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