June 21, 2024

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The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic celebrates 48 years without achieving its sovereignty

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic celebrates 48 years without achieving its sovereignty

In a world marked by heightened war tensions and conflicts in places like Gaza, Ukraine and Yemen, the 48th anniversary of World War II Declaration of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic February 27 invites us to reflect on the importance of peace in a context where escalating violence threatens to obscure any possibility of international harmony.

Ironically, the Western Sahara conflict does not appear to be one of the conflicts that most concerns the international community. Thus came the organization's annual report for 2022 International Crisis Group Not included for the Sahrawi conflict Among the ten to consider in 2023, although it did not anticipate the Gaza crisis either.

In the current global landscape, peace stands at a crossroads, facing the challenges of conflicts that seem to be emerging in different parts of the world. From the live-streamed genocide in Gaza to the conflicts in Ukraine and Yemen, it is clear that the escalation of violence is on the rise. But this is only the visible side of the coin.

according to Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human RightsThere are currently more than a hundred armed conflicts in the world, including 7 in Europe and 45 in North Africa and the Middle East. Meanwhile, more than 350 high-level participants from more than 70 countries recently participated Munich Security Conference They demonstrated the incoherence of foreign policy by demonstrating double standards in the application of subjective international law in the conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine.

A call for peace and dialogue

Although the slogan of this conference, which began in 1963, was “Peace through Dialogue,” peace and dialogue disappeared from the equation, and were overshadowed by the exchange of accusations and requests for armed support. Only the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen reflects On the democratic cost of the current global situation, asking whether “democracy will survive in the world and whether we can defend our values.”

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In this context, the anniversary of the declaration of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic acquires special importance, as it reminds us of… There is an urgent need to prioritize peace over discord. For decades, the Sahrawi people have maintained a firm commitment to peace, even in the midst of provocations and violations of agreements by Morocco. His desire for a peaceful future was eloquently demonstrated in his participation in conflict resolution efforts and his constant willingness to negotiate peace.

Despite adversity, Sahrawis They have shown amazing resilienceReaffirming its commitment to regional stability in a context in which no one seems to remember that 48 years have passed since this conflict at the gates of Europe, and that more than 250,000 people are struggling to survive in the refugee camps in Tindouf, which the world is increasingly forgetting. Donors and The international community.

Although the Sahrawi people have references such as Aminatou Haidar, Awarded internationally For their peaceful resistance and struggle for human rights, reminding us that peace, despite provocations and challenges, remains a fundamental goal of the Sahrawi people, the international community is committed to whitewashing Morocco by granting it the presidency of the United Nations. Human Rights Council.

Complex international relations

at recent days Visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to Morocco It raised questions about its commitment to international law. Ignoring the occupation and exploitation of Sahrawi lands by Morocco not only contradicts basic principles, but also highlights the complexity of international relations in an increasingly interconnected world.

In this critical context, there is a need for spaces of reflection that can shed some light on this bleak panorama. Soon the University of Deusto will host the conference.”Western Sahara: exploring new perspectives of international law and international relationsTo analyze the complexities of the situation in Western Sahara, explore new perspectives and search for solutions in the field of international law and international relations. It will serve as a space for constructive dialogue, with the hope of finding ways to peace and justice in a contentious region.

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Quoted Hannah Arendt“In dark times” it is essential to remember that peace and international cooperation are essential to building a sustainable and just future. The situation in Western Sahara gives us the opportunity to reflect on how to move towards a world in which respect for international law and the peaceful resolution of conflicts are the norm, not the exception.