July 1, 2022

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The World Health Organization stresses the importance of the One Health approach

The second list of the main topics for the day of Prensa Latina

Editors: Manuel Guerrero and Manuel Vazquez

Cuba: Cuba is a setback for the US Summit of the Americas

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barilla today described the celebration of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, which is being held in Los Angeles, as a setback for the United States.

Cuba: Cuba ratifies the commitment to work for a more interconnected world

In Kigali, Rwanda, Cuba ratified its commitment to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to continue working for a more connected, inclusive, just and equitable world, authorized sources revealed today.

Mexico: Lopez Obrador’s absence from the Summit of the Americas is a protest against exclusion

Mexico’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, reiterated today that his absence from the Summit of the Americas is a protest against exclusion and called for America’s unity.

Mexico: In Mexico, Claxo discusses the attacks on Cuba and the liberation challenges

Today, the 9th Latin American Congress of Social Sciences (Clacso) is holding the Cuba Forum between Liberal Assaults and Challenges, with the intervention of many academics from the island.

– Bolivia: Support the operation in Bolivia against the coup suspects

The Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy (CLAGOD) supported the process developed today in Bolivia to clarify the events related to the 2019 coup and convict those responsible for the crimes committed.

Bolivia: Continuing Anez trial focuses attention on Bolivia

Bolivians are still attentive to the fourth day of the final arguments of criminal proceedings against the second coup against former senator Jeanine Anez, announced today by the first anti-corruption court of this city.

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Brazil: Share price set for Eletrobras privatization in Brazil

The price of the shares of the Eletrobras privatization offer will be determined today, according to the timetable of the process that should culminate in the de-nationalization of the Brazilian state-owned company.

Brazil: Biden and Bolsonaro will speak on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas

It is scheduled to meet Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil today for the first time on the sidelines of the Ninth Summit of the Americas held in this city.

Venezuela: Venezuela objects to Guyana’s unilateral application to Essequibo

A diplomatic source said today that the Venezuelan government has submitted preliminary objections to the International Court of Justice to accept Guyana’s unilateral claim to Essequibo.

USA: Criticism of the United States gains prominence at Summit of the Americas

Criticism of the host nation, the United States, is gaining more space at the exclusive Summit of the Americas on its second day.

USA: Official Spokesperson Resigns in Face of Coercion at Summit of the Americas

Because of the pressure she received, the Panamanian Adela Panizzo left in principle the Civil Society Forum for the Summit of the Americas, which continues today in Los Angeles, United States.

Spain: Spain prepares for the NATO summit with harsh criticism

Today, Spain is finalizing the details of organizing the NATO summit, which was held in Madrid on June 29-30, with harsh criticism from members of the government coalition.

Spain: The Spanish Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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The Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, is the largest literary fair in the world, this year it will be the guest of honor for Spain, who presented his project today.

Spain: Spain highlights aviation potential and relations with Portugal

Spain today highlighted the Strategic Economic Recovery and Economic Transformation in Aviation (PERTE) project, which will mobilize €4,533 million until 2025.

Spain: Tensions escalate in deteriorating Spanish-Algerian relations

Algeria’s increasingly blatant statements and statements have strained its relations with Spain, which said today it was considering a “firm but calm” response.

China: China considers the US plan for Latin America and the Caribbean disrespectful

China today described US plans for cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean as disrespectful and doomed to failure because they respond to the “selfish interests” of excluding and containing some countries.