May 22, 2022

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The second stage of cycling

The second stage of cycling

How can the participants in the Giro d’Italia in 1924 imagine that in a hundred years the race will begin in Hungary and can be seen all over the world. Likewise, it now seems implausible that it would be in that edition of
Corsican pink Women can compete, and they are the only ones to have competed in the Giro in 105 editions:
Alfonsina Strada.

Another 1500 meters uphill. After the time trial, the path gives way to the ascent of the castle with a cobbled section where the most extreme slopes (14%) are reached. After that, the climb settles at 4% with some curves up to the entrance to the access plaza in Buda (paved road).

A short urban pilot stage on wide, well-paved roads connecting Pest and Buda. It starts at Heroes Square and heads towards the Danube, which separates the two spirits of the city. A series of twists and turns unfolds the road before reaching the riverbank and crossing the Neo-Gothic Parliament Building before crossing the Danube and following the parallel bank.

Two turns, the first downhill and the second uphill as you approach and leave Parliament Beach. After leaving the river, the final climb begins.

Vanhoek finished the ITT in a time of 12’48 minutes with an average speed of 43.125 km/h.

This Saturday, April 7, the second stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022 will be held, a time trial that will pass through the streets of Budapest (9.2 kilometers). The last 1,300 meters is elevated, with an average gradient of 4.8% and a section of 14%.

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This was the facts of the declared victory. The desired result was. It was the text of the dream. But not for what is more expected, the victory is less. It was on everyone’s lips at the Budapest exit. His victory was almost a must. Giroud wanted to see him in the jersey. and complied. in your sauce. This is the life of Matteo van der Poel (Alpecin). Winner, makes everything easy. Nothing can resist it. Not even to be a pioneer in the first stage that takes place in Corsa Rosa. The saint arrives and accepts.

The great favorite the happiest and respected audience. in writing
La Gazzetta dello Sport And in the offices of RCS Sport, the organizers of the Giro, the bottles were decidedly undisturbed. Just like on the platform. For the race, who can’t count on Pogacar or Roglic, having the number one winner and leader one of the great stars of current cycling is fantastic. It’s putting the test into orbit from day one.

After a quick race that included collisions, Dutchman Matteo van der Poel (Alpesin Phoenix) had the honor of donning the pink jersey for the first time at the 105th Giro d’Italia by winning the first stage between Budapest and Visegrad, with a 195 kilometre.

Van der Poel (Capelen, 27) made his Tour de France debut in 2021 and fulfilled his yellow jersey dream by winning a stage. This time, on his Giro debut, he fancy seeing himself in the pink jersey. He achieved this by imposing his law in the first stage on Hungarian territory.

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The center of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, wore pink on Friday, the color of the famous Giro d’Italia shirt, which starts this year in this city and will pass – in the first three days – through different regions of the country dreaming at some point of the victory of Attila Walter.

After two years of waiting for covid, because
Great Partanza In 2020 from Budapest, today thousands of Hungarians flocked to the Arena of Champions, where this year’s Giro race began.