May 23, 2022

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Why did the security team act

Why did the security team act

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facing trial Johnny Depp (58 years old) and Amber Heard (36) in Fairfax, Virginia, courthouse is the most-watched judicial episode broadcast in United States history. But after nearly a month of uninterrupted content, with three or four sessions a week since last April 11, The case was suspended for a few days.

Judge Benny Azcaret announced the temporary suspension of hearings on May 5 at the final stage of the last hearing. Because of personal obligations, the judge explained that an eleven-day rest period will be implemented, so The next judicial appointment will not be resumed until Monday, May 16th.

However, the most important thing that happened on the last day that Johnny and Amber met in the courtroom was not the judge’s announcement, but A moment of great tension shined in them This required the intervention of three security agents.

During the days when both Depp and Heard were kept within a few feet of the same four court walls, the actor tried at all times to avoid eye contact with his partner. Amber did not do the same, who was caught watching a translator Pirates of the Caribbean On several occasions. But in the last session, last Thursday, May 5th Something unexpected happened and made headlines all over the planet.

Thanks to the fact that everything that happens in court is broadcast on TV, recorded and shared on networks by the Law & Crime Network, it is now possible to watch it publicly. The tense story of an ex-partner. It all happened seconds after the session ended, as Amber testified from the podium and Johnny listened from the front row table.

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at one point, The actress steps off the stage without noticing that Depp is trying to leave the room precisely from this side, so they both converge face to face. They look at each other for a few seconds of nervousness, then the bailiffs step in, blocking Depp’s way, who is aware of the situation, and decides to turn around so he doesn’t see how Heard walks in front of him. Deb talks with his legal team for a few seconds, then Amber passes through the room with a record to get out on the other side of her ex.

This moment has gone viralIt was a highly commented picture in which the first part of the judicial confrontation between the two actors was closed; The sessions will resume in the middle of the month.

In the last week of April, Depp finished four days of oral testimony in which he said he was the victim and that Heard broke his finger, which had to be reconstructed after being hit with a vodka bottle during another altercation. The actor asks his ex-partner 50 million dollars in compensation. For his part, Heard responded with a counterclaim alleging that Deep Rouge for A smear campaign against him and a demand for $100 million.

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