August 17, 2022

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The second teaser of the Halo series announces the main reveal of the game awards

Without ads or evidence in between, it was a surprise to all fans of the series and epic Hello The second teaser recently released that’s inside Announces the main reveal of the game awards. It all seemed a long way off in terms of the Master Chief series, given there’s been so little information and photos over the course of months, but the wait seems to be coming to an end.

Through the official account of Hello Paramount + On Twitter, a teaser has been announced that can be seen in full below, coming from our own channel. In the pictures, which are fleeting, you can see Very good production in terms of costumes and characters, In the formation of the Spartans destined for an unknown mission.

The second teaser of the Halo series announces the main reveal of the game awards

The physical version of Halo Infinite will not include the full game

As we can see in the video, we no longer have to wait to find out more details and images of what will be one of the most promising series for streaming platform Paramount+, since then December 9th At The Game Awards, we finally know the first full preview of the next event aura series. What will the main story be? How will the characters unfold? How will the sites be? We’ll know all this and more next Thursday.

Undoubtedly, images that invite us not to leave our chair and look forward to the next video game event The Game Awards, whose role will be largely centered. In upcoming releases leaked by Xbox, For both console and PC Game Pass. Now we just have to wait and see what Xbox has in store for us in the next few hours.

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