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The sentence against the former military personnel will be appealed in Argentina

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Buenos Aires, November 6 (Prensa Latina) The General Secretariat of Human Rights of Argentina announced today that it will appeal the rulings issued by the Federal Oral Court in Corrientes against nine former soldiers who were tried for crimes against humanity, considering that these sentences fall far short of those required. .

The aforementioned organization – which is acting as a plaintiff in the case – stated in a statement that it will file cross-appeals after learning the basis of the convictions against these individuals involved in crimes against more than 100 people during the recent civilian-military dictatorship. In this country (1976-1983).

The trial included crimes committed within the jurisdiction of the 7th Infantry Brigade, which was created in the city of Corrientes and also had under its responsibility the territories of Chaco, Formosa and Misiones.

There were several secret detention centers operating in that area during the regime period and one of them was located at the 9th Infantry Regiment (RI 9).

The defendants were tried on charges of forming illegal associations, unlawful deprivation of liberty, and applying torture and murder.

The court sentenced two former RI9 intelligence officers, Horacio Losito and Juan Carlos de Marchi, to 25 years in prison; While former member of the Gendarmerie Raul Reynoso received an 18-year prison sentence, and Eduardo Cardoso, from the command of the 7th Brigade, received one of 15 sentences.

For his part, former Colonel Abelardo de la Vega was sentenced to 12 years in prison, former First Lieutenant Raul Horacio Harsic to eight years in prison, and former Assistant Pedro Alarcón to four years in prison.

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Meanwhile, Alfredo Farmacci and Abelardo Palma were acquitted.

This is the tenth trial for crimes against humanity held in the governorate and the trial with the largest number of victims and defendants.

Because of the delay, nearly four years passed between his trial and the start of the debate.

The secretariat explained that during that period, two of the defendants died and three others were isolated due to health problems.

Since the end of the dictatorship, 40 years ago, 1,197 perpetrators of genocide have been convicted in Argentina.


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