June 21, 2024

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The shocking video of Pilar Rubio lifting 140 kilograms from her buttocks |  Fashion and beauty

The shocking video of Pilar Rubio lifting 140 kilograms from her buttocks | Fashion and beauty

after, after Incredible challenges in hormijiro, the person who performed it the challenge (In his second season he will be a judge) Or so many times we’ve seen it Pilar Rubio Putting her body to the limit, we already believed that a collaborator couldn’t do so many physical demonstrations that all of her followers would be speechless. But we were wrong.

In his latest Instagram post, Pilar Rubio shared a workout that’s part of her muscle routine. Of course, it is clearly not suitable for anyone, not to mention beginners, especially given that exercising these muscles, Sergio Ramos’ wife lifts, no more, no less, more than a hundred kilograms of weight!

“140 kg we started the week”With these words, I came forward Pilar Rubio Video showing him the hardness of his workouts is totally real. In the clip, the person who was a reporter from i know what i did It adds more weight plates and boards to an Olympic board that itself weighs 20 kilograms. “Every day, every training session, is an opportunity to improve, a step forward.” I repeat this to myself every morning when I wake up and try to find my best version As a professional, mother, partner, friend, and as a woman. For me, it’s not suffering, it’s progressEvery progress requires effort. This makes me feel good both physically and mentally. Positive Attitude, Active Attitude,” written by collaborator in hormijiro Clarify that “desire is power.” Although, judging by the comments left by his followers in the post, it is not clear to everyone that this saying can always be strictly adhered to.

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and that is Pilar Rubio She’s really the sports standard-bearer and it’s common to see her on her social networks sharing all kinds of routines, and she even showed off the diet the dietitian gave her which showed that staying fit has nothing to do with being hungry. naturally, Character and physical form more than enviable Considering that she has already gone through four pregnancies.

A video that undoubtedly aroused many expectations, although there were also those who cast a strange reflection on it. As if it is not appropriate to lift less weight and do more repetitions, so do those who warn you about the dangers of hurting your back by damaging your lower back.

Other affordable Pilar Rubio exercises

It’s also true that not all of the workout routines you share Pilar Rubio They deserve a sports professional who, at times, offers affordable training ideas for all audiences. He did this a few weeks ago when he uploaded to Instagram a series of moves in the pool in which he used some weights on his ankles weighing between one and two kilograms entirely optionally: “These exercises I used to do when I was pregnant, are very soft but allow me to energize and see Breathing and basic work. Breathing synchronized with the movements makes you improve your training. Breathing correctly is the key, ”advised the presenter.

Of course, there is no doubt that entering into the physical form of Pilar Rubio It takes time, effort and dedication.