May 20, 2024

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The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed flat thanks to Sony’s earnings

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed flat thanks to Sony’s earnings

TOKYO, May 15 (EVICOM).- The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed nearly flat this Wednesday, with its main index, the Nikkei, up 0.08%, on a day marked by the rise of tech giant Sony, which helped keep the index afloat. Selective positivity.

The Nikkei index, which brings together the 225 most representative addresses on the market, rose 29.67 points to 38,385.73.

For its part, the Topix index, a broader selective index that groups companies in the main section, those with the greatest value, closed flat, up 0.07 units and was set at 2730.88 integers.

The Tokyo market closed flat on Wednesday, in negotiations marked by Wall Street earnings, results announcements and stock buybacks by important Japanese companies.

Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company Sony announced on Tuesday a share buyback worth a maximum of 250,000 million yen (about 1,480 million euros), as well as splitting each existing title into five.

In conjunction with the publication of its financial report for the fiscal year 2023, ending on March 31, Sony announced a series of financial stock restructurings, which include the buyback of up to 30 million shares for one year starting on the 15th of this year. May.

The company closed today, occupying third place in terms of trading, with a significant increase of 8.23%.

The stock of Lasertec, a manufacturer of semiconductor analysis equipment, was the most widely traded stock, which rose by 1%.

SoftBank, which published its results report this week for the fiscal year ending on March 31, advanced significantly today by 0.14%, amid expectations that the company will expand towards developing semiconductors for artificial intelligence.

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The stock of the company with the largest value on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is Toyota Motor Company, the leading automobile manufacturer, also rose by (0.56%).

In the main section, the prices of 483 companies rose compared to a decline of 1,140 companies, while 26 stocks closed stable.

The total value of the negotiations amounted to 5.01 trillion yen, or 29.628 million euros. Aficom