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The United Nations celebrates Clean Air Day – KISS FM

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Factors such as Heat waves or suspended dust add to the pollution, impairing air quality That the population is breathing, a problem that has consequences for health and the environment and about which the United Nations wants to raise awareness International Clean Air Day for blue skies.

This year’s motto is a day celebrated on September 7 every year, since 2019 The United Nations will call it “Together for Clean Air”, Promoting the idea of ​​“strengthening alliances, doubling investments, and sharing responsibility to overcome air pollution,” according to information provided by this organization.

United nations On their website, they mention the “transnational” nature of air pollution He calls for concerted efforts “beyond borders, barriers, sectors, and isolated work” to confront what he considers a “double problem.”

On the one hand, pollution affects human health because “small, invisible pollution particles” penetrate “deep.” In the lungs, bloodstream and body » According to their data, in 2016 alone, it caused the premature death of 6.5 million people.

Short-lived climate pollutants, on the other hand, “can persist in the atmosphere for a few days or even several decades.”

In the case of Spain specifically, the latest annual air quality report published by Ecologystas en Acción indicated that in 2022 As many as 7.6 million people – two million more than the previous year’s figure – were affected by the pollution.

This translates to One in six Spaniards will breathe polluted air in 2022 “Above what is recommended” and in the premature death of about 25,000 people annually, “fifteen times more than in traffic accidents.”

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Although air pollution is often linked to the burning of fossil fuels in transportation,… The factors for this pollution are multiple, and fog and suspended dust exacerbate the challenge. As happened this week in the city of Murcia, where suspended dust particles in the atmosphere exceeded 640 micrograms per cubic meter, while the maximum recommended to avoid risks is 50.

This is a natural phenomenon Suspended dust is transported from arid regions to other peripheral regions, as happens in the Mediterranean region And in the Canary Islands compared to North Africa, but recently “it has been exacerbated by the effects of climate change and has become more and more frequent.”

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