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The violent story behind Jason Momoa's scar on his eyebrow

The violent story behind Jason Momoa’s scar on his eyebrow

If Jason Momoa stands out for something, it’s because of his imposing physique. His enormous height and the muscles he usually shows in his films have created an image of him in Hollywood suited to very specific roles. a proof of that His latest signature for ‘Fast and Furious 10’where he will play the role of the new villain in the saga.

One One of the most distinctive features of Jason MomoaAside from her long hair, she is The scar splits his left eyebrowThis adds to its strong appearance. The origin of this brand Live up to the fame it has earned.

It happened in 2008as he told Access Hollywood at the time, and is due to assaulted in a bar, When it was not known: “A man threw a pint of beer in my face. I got about 140 points. It was crazy.”

after the accident, Momoa needs partial reconstruction of the part that is damaged. As NBC learned, The person in charge is Dominic BandeauWho did Momoa think? I will do “initiative in the mafia” when he attacked him. It was They were accused of attacking with a knifealthough he was eventually left without charge.

Momoa also commented in the interview with Access First impressions after the new look that his wound had befallen him, referring to who was his girlfriend at the time, and after that his wife, Lisa Bonet: “I was with my wife already, If he didn’t like it, it would be bad. Fortunately he did.”

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And she wasn’t the only one who loved the touch of an eyebrow on Jason Momoa. After the accident, his career He’s starting to move more into strongman roles presented by him, starting with “Game of Thrones”. “I was always the “handsome boy”Momoa told the New York Post about his scar. If there is anything to do ‘good’, it is no longer a thing..

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