August 14, 2022

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The authorities exclude the infection of a young man who showed symptoms of smallpox in Cauca

The authorities exclude the infection of a young man who showed symptoms of smallpox in Cauca

“It’s not a case of monkeypox, it’s a rash,” said a spokesperson for the National Institute of Health (INS). To EL TIEMPO, this morning, when referring to the follow-up case of a 20-year-old girl who recorded symptoms similar to those of this disease in the village of Cabañitas, Guachené municipality.

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In this regard, the Minister of Health of Cauca, Andres Narváez, indicated that an epidemiological field investigation had been ordered with the Immediate Response Team of the Public Health Surveillance Operation, which went to the site where the event was reported and confirmed it “We can reassure the people of Cauca that no cases of this type of smallpox have been confirmed in Colombia.”

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So far it is known that monkeypox has become the subject of a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), Because of the increase in the level of infections that appeared mainly in West African countries and more recently in other countries in the world.

however, Experts have argued that monkeypox is not likely to become a remote epidemic virus, Because it is difficult to transfer from one person to another.

Unlike pathogens with respiratory characteristics, such as covid-19, monkeypox can only be transmitted through physical contact with contaminated animals, objects and materials.

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For it to pass from one human to another, close contacts are needed that allow transmission. This hypothesis made it possible to identify Most cases are related to transmission through sexual activity, Although you have to be careful, as this does not make it an STD.

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On the other hand, specialists state that the outbreak is easy to control due to the way the virus appears in humans.

“Now that it is known to be circulating and this information has been given to the community, The logical thing is to wait for more specific cases to appear, but within four or five weeks the cases will be gone.”Raul Rivas Gonzalez, professor of microbiology at the University of Salamanca in Spain, explained to BBC Mundo.

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