July 14, 2024

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These are the new features in CarPlay with iOS 18

These are the new features in CarPlay with iOS 18

CarPlay is a platform developed by Apple Inc. It integrates iPhone functionality with the vehicle’s infotainment system and controls safely and seamlessly. Launched in 2014, CarPlay allows drivers to access apps and services on their iPhone directly from Car screenimproving connectivity and driving experience without compromising safety.

Although Apple didn’t mention anything new about CarPlay during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week, iOS 18 includes a number of features. New features For car software. Below, we recap everything that’s new in CarPlay in iOS 18.

What’s new in CarPlay in iOS 18

  1. Contact photos in Messages: iOS 18 adds contact photos next to names in the Messages app, making it easier to identify conversations at a glance. Contact photos also appear in Messages app notifications, improving the visual experience and organizing messages while driving.
  2. Silent mode settings: In the Settings app, you can now choose to turn silent mode on your iPhone on or off automatically when the device is connected to CarPlay. This job is looking for Reduce distractions While driving, silence notifications and help you focus on the road.
  3. Color filters: Apple has expanded color filters to include CarPlay. This accessibility feature can help People who suffer from color blindness To distinguish colors in the CarPlay interface. There is a grayscale option and three other color filters available to choose from, ensuring that the screen is readable for all users, regardless of their visual needs.
  4. Voice control: Voice Control is another new accessibility feature that lets you control CarPlay entirely using voice commands through a connected iPhone. Using this feature, drivers can interact with CarPlay Using Siriwhich reduces the need to look at or touch the screen, which is especially useful for keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  5. Voice recognition: Voice recognition is being expanded to include CarPlay to provide notifications for driving-related sounds, such as car horns and sirens. This feature can be especially useful for deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers or passengers, increasing safety and awareness of your surroundings while driving.
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Although we didn’t see voice recognition in the CarPlay settings in iOS 18 beta 1, this feature promises to improve the driving experience for many users.

The next generation of CarPlay

Apple shared some updated images of next-generation CarPlay during WWDC 2024, revealing new on-screen vehicle, media and weather apps for the first time. The next generation of CarPlay will be highly customizable, allowing automakers… Adaptation of system design To uniquely fit your vehicles. Apple has revealed a variety of design options and configurations that will be available to manufacturers.

carplay navigator maps app

Automakers will be able to display personalized notifications on next-generation CarPlay. Additionally, Apple’s website goes on to say that the first cars equipped with next-generation CarPlay will arrive in 2024, though it hasn’t offered a more specific time frame yet. Aston Martin and Porsche revealed designs for the next generation of CarPlay cars late last year, which indicates significant progress in integrating this technology into modern cars.