December 9, 2023

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These headphones with noise cancellation and 50 hours of battery life are amazing for only 80 euros

These headphones with noise cancellation and 50 hours of battery life are amazing for only 80 euros

And you have a €20 discount coupon limited until November 15th and in all three colors.

They are on par with Apple’s AirPods 3 and other headphones priced between 150 and 200 euros.

Do you need to buy high-quality wireless headphones that won’t break your budget? at the moment You have thousands of options For all the prices you can imagine. But we, who have tested many models, want to recommend one to you. Very decent in sound and outstanding in autonomy And with very compact design.

today is Soundcore Space A40 They have €20 discount voucher Leave your final price On Amazon for 80 euros. Or you can buy it On AliExpress for 90 euros. Amazon discount available Until November 15, inclusive, and is dedicated to the three colors available for these headphones. It’s time to move on and win High level noise cancellation The battery lasts for more than two full days without charging.

Soundcore Space A40

Get one of the best wireless headphones on the market

Soundcore Space A40 Black

They are earphones that fit your ears perfectly.

Less than 100 euros Depending on your budget, you have an endless number of models on sale, but none are as good and complete as the Soundcore Space A40. In today’s market you will never see the kind of independence we have in this model, let alone this model. Very little space they take up.

The Soundcore Space A40 has 10 hours of autonomy on a single charge. This in itself is surprising, but if we add the charging case we will have Up to 50 hours of use. Moreover, they have fast chargingIn just 10 minutes, it will charge for 4 hours of use. And that’s not all, because a fee can be charged for the case On a wireless basis.

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These headphones are not all battery and nothing more. We are Especially good in sound, because they include industry-leading dual-layer drivers that achieve powerful bass and extremely lively treble. We are Compatible with LDAC codecs From Sony, so you can listen to musical themes with Three times higher quality than Spotify.

Soundcore Space Girl A40

They fit comfortably in your ears, and over time, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

They are neither more nor less complementary 6 microphones Between the two speakers. This allows them to pick up your voice during calls Increase the sharpness The same thing and significantly improved call quality. This places them among the best noise canceling options today.

this Complete microphone system It also achieves brutal sound insulation. By activating noise cancellation you can Up to 98% noise reduction From outside. This will leave you alone with your music or current call, no matter what’s happening around you.

Soundcore Space A40

They are very light headphones, they only weigh 4.9 grams each. the The surface of both is tangible The ability to interact with music, calls or your mobile phone’s voice assistant. And if you’re worried about how they fit in your ears, these come in the box included 5 pairs of rubber pads In different sizes.

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