August 19, 2022

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These will be suggested stamps for ultra-processed products

These will be suggested stamps for ultra-processed products

The Ministry of Health has started public consultation for a draft resolution through which it seeks to amend Articles 2, 3, 16, 25, 32 and 37 of Resolution No. 810 of 2021 and respond to what should be regulated by Law No. 2120 of 2021 known. As a fast food law that’s, in essence, It seeks to identify the warning labels that ultra-processed foods and beverages containing excessive contents of certain important nutrients should carry.

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According to Portfolio, the recommendations in said proposal were compiled from a study conducted by the University of Antioquia that extensively reviewed the scientific evidence and experience gathered from positive health outcomes in other countries. In this sense, the bill proposes to put forward labels with the characteristics specified below:

Octagonal shape.
In light of the largest available scientific evidence, free of conflicts of interest, some studies with the highest fidelity of evidence have shown it to be the most appropriate number to capture the attention of consumers.

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In fact, the decision shows that this figure has been included as an intervention variable in nearly 9 out of 10 studies on the topic, one of which, within a framework of validated scientific evidence, found that it was the octagon that had the greatest ability to maximize The perception of unhealthiness, hence the suggestion.

Black color. Stamps should carry this color, as a random pilot study, according to the ministry, when comparing different options, found that black is what attracts consumers’ attention the most, and like shape, has the greatest potential to raise perception. danger to people.

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text. The aforementioned seal should clearly mention “increase in,” as it has been found that among other written content, according to scientific evidence, these are the words with the greatest influence when it comes to favoring the perception of unhealthiness in products. The ministry clarifies that terms such as “HIGH IN” also appear in some investigations, but it does not see consistency with the term “excess amount” used to describe Section 5 of Law 2120 that it proposes to regulate.

Max values

In this case, the ministry reviewed the available scientific literature and concluded that the PAHO nutritional profile model is the model that provides the best evidence for obesity prevention because it is the one that best identifies foods with excessive critical nutrients and more stringently defines requirements in terms of The percentage of regulated products, Which allows consumers to identify foods high in nutrients more appropriately for monitoring, while also drawing on scientific evidence also endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) on nutrients in public health.

The above, without neglecting that it becomes a tool for regulating advertising and tax policies for foods and drinks with high energy content and poor nutritional value. Needless to say, criteria for inclusion of citrus nutrients (free sugars, sodium, saturated fat, total fat and trans fatty acids) are based on the nutrient intake targets recommended by the World Health Organization.

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In the opinion of Carolina Pineros Ospina, Executive Director of Red PaPaz, it is such a victory for citizens, academics and civil society organizations that the process has finally begun to get the regulations enshrined in the Fast Food Act, According to which the forward warning sign must be based on the best available scientific evidence free of conflict of interest.

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“We are ready to accompany the new government, which is the government now responsible for making the decision, so that it can not only make this a reality, but also other necessary and urgent measures, such as the health tax on – processed drinks. School environments for sweetened and healthy food and restriction of product advertising. Ultra-treated against children and adolescents,” concluded Pineros.

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