December 1, 2021

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Theta: Know all about the new video game platform

Theta: Know all about the new video game platform

Theta. (Photo: Crypto Trend)

We all know platforms like Youtube And TwitchWe can even get a feel for how Facebook Gaming and more work. These virtual portals have been available to everyone for years and the competition has developed in a relatively friendly way, at least until now, because with the birth of theta Everything can change because of your new proposal.

What is theta?

It is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) video transmission network but within blockchain technology. We can say that Theta wants to compete with platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. It also allows users to share bandwidth and system resources to earn tokens.

The new platform proposes to transmit high-quality video without storing in neutral. It is committed to the bandwidth and storage usage of the users. This will improve transmission quality and reduce costs. Theta wants to solve problems with central streams, which usually have bad load times and poor buffering.

Theta.  (foto:
Theta. (foto:

Especially noticeable with 4K and 8K resolution streams, As well as with virtual reality broadcasts. The idea is that it is a transmission between pairs to get more bandwidth. Another advantage of the decentralized Theta proposal is the reduction in transmission infrastructure costs.

Moreover, they argue that advertising revenue can increase significantly. On the other hand, users can support creators by giving them icons.

What is a token in theta?

It is the original token of this blockchain and acts as a token of governance. It allows the Theta token to secure the blockchain and also provides users with a number of additional features.

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There are currently 1 billion THETA tokens in circulation and they can no longer be generated. THETA tokens are mainly used to manage the blockchain and create guardian nodes. Create a guardian nodeSince the blockchain is based on PoS, it requires 1,000 THETA leverage as a security guarantee.

How does theta work?

A Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism was selected for this blockchain. This consensus mechanism requires less power, less hardware, and less time to validate transactions than ProofofWork (PoW). Something that allows any viewer to act as a cache node without the need for expensive hardware.

At the same time, they are working on an item called Proof. This element is used to monitor content delivery and verify advertising. It also has a mechanism called Smart Broadcast Contracts. Despite the name, they do not differ in any way from the idea of ​​smart contracts proposed by Nick Zaspo. These smart broadcast contracts are concerned with the distribution and collection of prizes.

How does Theta improve the safety of its users?

One of the foundations of this platform is improved security. You want to solve the problem of security breaches that central systems are exposed to through the interconnection fabric. Data centers are vulnerable to DoS attacks, which can cause loss of video transmission quality.

To reduce video quality, it is only necessary to affect a few systems in the data center. Theta, because it relies on decentralized nodes that can be reset, will make it difficult to drop or lose quality in the video.

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Achieving the desired performance is a balance between the quality of the broadcast nodes / cache on the network. “Quality” In this case it refers to the variable capacity of the node to perform tasks related to the transmission and transmission of video. The nodes can also decide that Theta is no longer working or that she loves her and gives up.

Who are the creators of Theta?

Behind this project are Mitch Liu and Jie Long, who founded it in 2017. Leo He has a long history in the video games and audiovisual and virtual reality industry, as well as being one of the founders of the video advertising company Tapjoy, among others.

Theta creators.  (photo: medium)
Theta creators. (photo: medium)

Long He is also co-founder of Theta and CTO. He has extensive experience with design automation, video games, virtual reality, and large scale distributed systems. In addition, he holds several patents in the field of video streaming, blockchain, and virtual reality.

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