December 1, 2021

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Venezuelan diplomat denounces the illegality of extradition to the United States

Venezuelan diplomat denounces the illegality of extradition to the United States

In today’s statement, Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab denounced the illegal nature of his arrest in Cape Verde and his subsequent extradition to the United States, where he will face alleged money laundering charges.

They described the illegal extradition of a Venezuelan diplomat to the United States

In the Declaration of Principles read by his wife Camila Fabri Saab during a solidarity event held in Caracas, the Special Envoy for Venezuela affirmed that he will face his trial with dignity, in addition to holding the US authorities responsible for his physical safety.

Saab stated that he had committed no crime and ruled out any intention of cooperating with his kidnappers in exchange for procedural advantages; “I will not lie to favor the United States,” the official said.

Likewise, he stressed the ongoing human rights violations during his 491-day detention in Cape Verde, whose authorities violated the constitutional principles of his country, which lacks an extradition treaty with the North American country.

The Venezuelan government adopted Saab in 2018 as a special envoy, whose tasks were to facilitate access to medical and food supplies and other goods, in the face of the obstacles imposed by the US blockade.

In the middle of 2020, the official was arrested in Cape Verde at the request of Washington, during a technical layover of the plane carrying him, ignoring the inviolability of the immunity corresponding to his assumption of the position of diplomatic agent.

According to complaints from the Bolivarian executive authority, the arrest came in response to the siege campaign organized by the previous US administration against Venezuela, in order to inflict more suffering on the people and destabilize their institutions and their internal system.

In turn, Camila Fabri Saab condemned the Cape Verdean authorities’ decision to deprive her of her right to meet her husband, and confirmed that the extradition process to the United States takes place behind the backs of the detainee’s family and her legal representatives.

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