December 4, 2021

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La nave espacial se elevará hasta 100 kilómetros de altura.

They are developing a reusable ship for space tourism

The spacecraft will rise to a height of up to 100 kilometers. Illustrative image from

Space and Rocket Energy (RKK Energiya), part of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, has patented a sub-orbital spacecraft for space tourism and parachute jumps, TASS reports, which obtained access to the disclosed patent. . Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS, for its acronym in Russian).

The ship will be reusable and will be able to take off and land vertically, according to the patent.

“During the flight, the crew must physically feel the properties of space, which is why the crew will be outside the hermetic capsule, directly in open space, wearing spacesuits,” the document says.

The ship will remain in open space for approximately three minutes and during that stay passengers will be able to float not only in their seats but also outside the ship if they get the necessary training, but yes, they will be held by a cable.
The speed during descent will not exceed one kilometer per second, thanks to the structure of the device, and therefore the thermal loads will be “negligible”, as estimated by the ship builders.

It will be possible to skydive after the height of the spacecraft exceeds 50 km, powered by a propeller engine. Russian specialists estimate that the spacecraft will be able to fly up to an altitude of 100 kilometers.

Paratroopers will be able to jump from any height, after the booster engine has stopped working and they will be able to leave the vehicle using the ejection seat or do it on their own.

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Source: RT