June 28, 2022

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They arrested Kobe after 37 years on the run for a double murder in Miami

They arrested Kobe after 37 years on the run for a double murder in Miami

that The Cuban who was wanted for a double murder committed almost 37 years ago in Miami He has been in detention since March 12, they said. Tampa Law Enforcement.

Lazaro Santana, 79 years oldwandered unidentified and stunned through an area in Hillsboro County, and after arresting him and taking his fingerprints, agents guarding him realized he was weighing Arrest warrant issued since August 21, 1985.

Santana could have killed in cold blood, on that date, Pedro Otero and Carlos RomeroThe latter is his accomplice in a previous burglary, due to disagreements over the damaged loot.

According to the arrest warrant at the time, Santana had committed a burglary with Romero, and soon after, he refused to share the profits. In response, Romero, with Otero’s help, went to Santana’s house and stole some things.

The double murder took place in a house located at 2330 NW and Cali 9 de . little habana, where – according to police files – Santana stormed in and shot the two men sitting at the kitchen table in the chest; Then he fled the scene.

According to a police source, the murder was witnessed by the sister of one of the victims, who can still hold Santana responsible for her actions.

It was not clear whether Cuban, who is still being held without the possibility of being released on bail and will turn 80 in June, will be able to evade prosecution for this act, due to the age of indictment. face the old man Two counts of first degree murderOn the order of the court.

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After his arrest, Santana was held in Hillsborough County Jail, and last Thursday was transferred to Miami-Dade Jail.

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