May 22, 2022

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Quién es Víctor Medvedchuk, el amigo de Putin y líder prorruso capturado por Ucrania

Ukraine-Russia war, last minute live | Kyiv urges exchange of pro-Russian leader

Barcelona fans fight against Russia

From the beginning Russia’s invasion of UkraineThe February 24Ukrainian president, Volodymyr ZelenskyEveryone has appealed Men between the ages of 18 and 60 to join the army In the work of defending their homeland. Zelensky’s words made many men enlist in the forces, including some of the elite athletes, but also Football fans, some hooligan or neo-Nazi.

leopards, as FC Barcelona fans are known in Kyiv, is a case in point. The FC Barcelona Kyiv fans They decide to stay in the country and join the fight against the invader.

This official fan club of Barcelona in the Ukrainian capital was fFounded in 2017 and has 120 partners. through your account InstagramThey announced the cancellation of their trip to Spain to watch the classic match between Real Madrid and Barcelona on March 20th Fighting on the front line against Vladimir Putin’s forces. In addition, they cannot watch their team matches because the club is closed due to the war.

Fans introduced a crowdfunding campaign To raise money for the Ukrainian army. “Ukraine wages war against Russian forces dominant. The enemy destroys cities and kills civilians in a European country. All the Barça kyiv fun club members have now risen up to defend their land, “To their families, civilians, and all the values ​​of the democratic and civilized world,” they said in a statement.

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