May 18, 2022

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They ask the Ministry of Health to give priority to health workers for the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19

They ask the Ministry of Health to give priority to health workers for the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19

A nurse places a vaccine from the manufacturer Pfizer-BioNTech against Covid-19 during a vaccination day for medical workers, in the Plaza de los Artesanos, in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega / Archive

On November 11, the Chamber’s representative, Ricardo Ferro, asked the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, to start as soon as possible the application Third dose of COVID-19 vaccines for Colombian health workers.

on your Twitter account, The member of the State Tribunal emphasized that as the Vaccines for All Act advances, support should be given to the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies.

It is urgent that the Ministry of Health move to the third dose, not only of the elderly, but also of the health champions, among all the employees who in the past two years have saved millions of lives in Colombia.

She joined the request of Congressman Lina Triana, president of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, who asked Minister Ruiz for a third dose for doctors and the health sector across the country.

“Given the importance of health workers at all times and especially on the occasion of the outbreak of the epidemic, we suggest that the promotion of the third dose of human talent in the field of health should begin immediately, as a priority,”Triana said.

Likewise, they recall that experts agree on the “need” to apply a third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 in the population over 70 years of age and in persons over 12 years of age with certain immunological conditions and effects due to “scientific evidence decreasing the humoral response after 6 months after the second dose.”

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On October 1, Colombia began applying the third dose to people over the age of 70 that had the biologicals needed to meet the needs of this population.

In addition, the national government said that since the concept The main objective of the national vaccination plan was to reduce deaths from COVID-19 and the incidence of severe cases.

Colombia has achieved high immunization coverage for adults over 70 years of age, as well as significant progress in the population aged 50-69 years; In addition to advancing the application of an additional dose for people over 60 years of age.

But this was not the only organization that requested a third dose of vaccines against COVID-19, such as The Colombian Society of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care has issued a letter to the health file so that health workers are included in the priority list.

We ask in the most respectful way that Colombia, under the direction of the Ministry, adhere as a priority to the initiatives of the major global health regulatory agencies, which have been designated a priority group to receive the third dose of the SARS virus vaccine. -2 health workers who directly care for COVID-19 patients.

According to El Tiempo, these requests were denied, saying she did not There is scientific evidence that differs from that which suggests that it is necessary to give priority to the elderly and immunocompromised.

But they did not close the door to the future, as they said the guidelines would be modified as the behavior of the virus and the epidemiological course progressed in the national territory.

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