May 18, 2024

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They condemn the civic education conspiracy against the government of Bolivia

They condemn the civic education conspiracy against the government of Bolivia

“From the Parliamentary Brigade of Pando with members of the Provincial Assembly, we condemn and reject this destabilizing desire of the civic committees of the various provinces and especially of Santa Cruz,” the Socialist Movement legislator denounced in a joint press conference. With other representatives and senators.

And the state channel Bolivia showed pictures of the arrival of the head of the Crocinho Civil Committee, Fernando Larch, in Pando, and transporting a group of his allies in trucks with suitcases and other packages.

Power groups from Santa Cruz called a national meeting in Cobija on Tuesday with the goal of lobbying against the bills they call “the package.”

The draft of these regulations is 280 to strengthen the fight against the legality of graft; 304, which regulates and punishes the improper use of social networks throughout the national territory, and 305, complying with international human rights obligations.

The idea of ​​promoting marches, strikes, and sieges is still present among the political actors of the opposition under the name of “civilian women,” despite the suspension of Project 280 in its treatment, and the withdrawal of Project 304 from the Plurinational Legislative Council, and Project 305 amended to demand journalists after mixing with this sector.

“The Bolivian people have to open their eyes, in 2019 they caught us by surprise – supported the deputy -, with certain rallies in rejection of the criminal law by health workers, today we see, again, in an opportunistic way, taking advantage of the demands of teachers, who want to make science By joining the many organizations that were part of the coup, such as the medical school, and civic platforms and committees.

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It was the civil wars with the imprisoned current governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, that played the main role in the revolts that led to the coup and the resignation of then-President Evo Morales in November 2019.

They joined the conspiracy that led to the de facto government presiding over the arrest of Jeanine Anez, the Bolivian Medical College and its affiliated territories, and sections of urban teachers, now also mobilized.

Suárez challenged members of civil society and their opposition allies to respect democracy, to fight in the electoral arena and not once again “usurp the power that the people, through their vote, have given President Luis Arce by force”.

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