December 9, 2023

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They discover a galaxy similar to the Milky Way: “It’s like looking back in time”

They discover a galaxy similar to the Milky Way: “It’s like looking back in time”

Imagine that you are a 100-year-old person who has never looked in the mirror. Suddenly, you receive a message containing a selfie that your identical twin brother sent you when he was 15 years old. You know, more or less, what his face is. Now let’s move this to The ends of the universe We will learn about the latest discovery of the James Webb Telescope: it captured light from a galaxy (CERS-2112) Which is almost identical to our galaxy, the Milky Way. But the flash comes from so far away that it is only a reflection of the teens of 2112 who have actually “aged” a few more centuries.

The flashes and lights that reach the ground lie about its age. It takes about eight minutes for light from the sun to reach Earth. So the flash we receive is actually eight minutes older than the Sun, and the same applies to galaxies: What James Webb collects is nothing more than the light of a star that may no longer exist.

He explains that discovering Ceers-2112 is “like seeing our galaxy back in time.” Country Astrophysicist Luca Costantin. What makes “ceers” special, in addition to its similarity to the Milky Way, is that it contains… Elongated ribbon-shaped structure, Which represents the “last link” of galaxies. For example, SPT0418-47, which was discovered three years ago, is also a twin of the Milky Way, but it does not contain this bar.

“It is very important, for example, for life. That the sun was formed with its minerals, in the region we are in, and around it is a planet with a lot of iron, a lot of nickel and also carbon and silicon and all the components of life, Previously there were stars with such elliptical orbits, “Transporting material from where more stars are forming in the galaxy to the outer regions,” astrophysicist Pablo G. Pérez González explains to the aforementioned media.

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There were already galaxies similar to the Milky Way 11.7 billion years ago

Ceers-2112 also offers The same mass that the Milky Way must have at that moment in the universe. “Contrary to what was expected, this discovery reveals that galaxies similar to the Milky Way already existed 11.7 billion years ago, When the universe was only 15% of its current age“Constantine says.

“It is the first publication to discover in the infancy of the universe these spiral galaxies that have a disk with a central bar. At that young age, we expect everything to be more turbulent,” says Mexican astrophysicist Whitley Rosas Guevara. Ceers’ discovery has already been published. 2112 in the magazine nature.