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They will implement new controls – the Minister of Health realizes that there is a negligence in the vaccination card application and is asking for more help from business

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Yesterday, the Minister of Public Health admitted that some places are “lowering their guard” in compliance with the decision requiring the Covid-19 vaccination card to enter collective institutions, Listín Diario notes in a report published today.

Dr Daniel Rivera said that early in the morning he toured some places to see how they work and that he sent the review of the paper to the country’s major businessmen, who asked them for more help to achieve compliance with the measure that seeks to vaccinate the population to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 virus. .

The Minister of Health indicated that so far those who have taken only one dose have been given a chance, but as of December 1, the two doses will begin to be requested to enter group places and new controls will be added, “which is painful, because cases of risk and death still exist for the unvaccinated, but they believe it’s a game “.

He added that to complete 70% of the population vaccinated with two doses, about 700,000 doses must be applied in the country, so he hopes that this will be achieved before the first of December. He said that the electronic card will facilitate and speed up the process of applying the procedure.

“We are making a call to the business community, because public health depends on it so much, so we ask you to help us, because there are companies that have to guard it again, so that we can reach the target of 70% of those vaccinated with a second dose.”

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But he pointed out that there are places such as banking institutions that are very committed to implementing the aforementioned decision and congratulated him.

“I immediately sent it to Dargan, Maranzini, and Brach (Dominican business leaders) because they are the ones who have to help us, I have now gone to three places and they have been demanding, but I agree with the newspaper, that there are places that are there,” the Minister of Public Health said, in an interview via Phone, they are careless in order.

Listín Diario published details of a tour made by various institutions in which it was found that only four of the 10 places visited adhered to the regulations in the letter imposed by the Ministry of Public Health.

A review that indicates that nearly 20 days into the entry into force of Resolution 48,000, which states that a vaccination certificate is a basic requirement to enter shopping malls, stores, restaurants, gyms, etc., some institutions have already forgotten the procedure or seem to be paying attention to it. ignore him.

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