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This Chinese spacecraft reveals to the world what is the depth of 300 meters on the surface of the moon

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Asian ingenuity has managed to penetrate our satellite and discover the secrets hidden there.

Stunning image of the Yutu-2 rover making its way across the lunar surface.

There is still a lot unknown To clarify our matter SatelliteAlthough we know what is the distance from the earth to the moon or who claims to be the owner of the moon. There is no doubt that the coming decades will be decisive in completing the history of the satellite. We can begin, on this occasion, with an invaluable help Rover Yuto-2 and his exceptional field work.

The moon’s hidden face tells us more about the moon’s natural history

recent study, Published in the scientific journal JGR Planetsestimated Chinese vehicle yuto-2 and the works that are carried out in far side of the moon. It was in 2019 when the spacecraft reached our satellite thanks to the Chang’E-4 probe and since then it has been doing important data collection work. measurementsAmong them stands out the scrutiny of what is hidden below the surface from the satellite.

thanks for the LPR toolMoon penetrating radar, the spacecraft is capable of that transmitting radio signals Toward the inner part of the satellite, later Echo capture that arises with the material in which it is found. This radar uses different frequencies to do its job and that is if they are used high frequencies-The tool can detect what is configured material It has been found just below the surfacewhile with lower frequenciesthe Depth that can be achieved higher.

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Previously, the Yutu-2 spacecraft was able to reach a depth of 40 meters, around 2020, but on this occasion, it became possible to study what is in 300 metres beneath the surface of the moon. They seem to exist, from 90 m to 5 layers of materialAnd each one of them has its own thickness, and it is the largest of those that are found in the depths in terms of size.

The team of researchers believes, as stated in their research, that this internal configuration of the satellite clearly speaks of The volcanic past of the moonwhich was already suspected by the rooftops basaltWhich were formed as a result of volcanic activity, which forms the so-called seas of the moon, as the case may be Von Karmann craterWhich is exactly where the Chang’E-4 probe landed.

Scientists believe that Less and less thickness In the layers within the satellite due to the fact that Lava expulsion It was every time less prominent. This also makes sense given everything we know so far about volcanic activity on the moon, which has been less as the satellite has aged and cooled. And how The final surpriseit seems that it is also possible to detect A hidden hole In the interior of the Moon, which does nothing more than complete the theory of the satellite being home to volcanoes millions of years ago.

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