July 14, 2024

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This is a slim ring

This is a slim ring

“Wearables” will get a lot of talk for the rest of the year, with the massive arrival of devices in a new product category: the smart ring. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring launch is the most anticipated, but it’s not the only one we’ll see in the coming months.

Today, Circular, one of the brands already present in this sector, decided to one-up Samsung by revamping one of its best smart rings, the Ring Slim; A movement that will make the choice more difficult for the consumer, thanks to the latest developments that allow the creation of more complete components that do not occupy much space.

The Ring Slim was launched relatively recently, last November; But in just a few months, the French company Circular was able to create a more complete and advanced device. As its name suggests, the Ring Slim is a “slim” version of the previous Circular rings; In fact, the company claims it is The thinnest smart ring on the market.

However, to achieve this, the circular initially had to accept some sacrifices, which were corrected with this second version. Regarding the current model, the big news is that it has received IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, in addition to a new certification. Scratch resistant cover; All of this should translate into a ring that we wouldn’t be afraid to wear while going to the beach, for example.

The new Ring Slim remains the thinnest (2.2mm thick) and lightest (2g) smart ring despite these additions. What’s surprising is that despite this, Circular has achieved an improvement in battery life, which… Now it can take up to two days; But this can be extended for up to 6 days using Eco mode.

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The thin ring ring with accessories and official application


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Surprisingly, Ring Slim also brings improvements in monitoring our health; Although it seems that this time the difference lies in the algorithms and not in the “hardware”, because users of the previous model will also be able to access some improvements just by installing the new Kira Plus application. For example, the circular claims to have achieved 79% accuracy in identifying sleep disorders.

Kira Plus also introduces two new sections for analyzing our sports sessions, including displaying the route we took on a map and a new full analysis that shows all metrics in one graph, from results to vital information. The heart rate measurement algorithm has also been improved to provide real-time metrics.

The slim ring is available for 262 euros, with shipments available to Spain. It is offered in a set with a sizing ring to know our size. A new charger with a USB-C port has also been introduced, which allows connection to a mobile phone to use its battery to charge the ring.