August 15, 2022

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Ezra Miller interpreta a Flash en el Universo Extendido DC (Instagram).

This is how it looked before it became the Flash for the DC Universe

Ezra Miller He became one of the actors who stole attention in relation to movie actors. He is currently responsible for character development Flash in the DC Extended Universe film series, and will star in The Flash, directed by Argentine director Andy Muschietti.One of the most anticipated films of 2022.

Beside that , He will be part of the “Fantastic Animals 3” team, which is part of the same franchise as Harry Potter, which will premiere on July 15, 2022.

Not to mention that in addition, Miller is a Hollywood personality who is part of the LGBT+ diversity, being recognized as an eccentric person., who isn’t afraid to break stereotypes, which is why we’ve seen him dress inconspicuously socially “masculine” or “feminine”.

That’s why this September 30, on the actor’s 29th birthday, we remember a little bit about his career and what he looked like before playing Barry Allen, who is famous for being the fastest superhero of all time: flash.

This is what Ezra Miller looked like in film and television before he became ‘Flash’.

When I was in high school, at age 16, there was a strange story: Ezra dropped out of school after dreaming of Beethoven. After that, he will participate in acting and starring after school (2008) as Robert, a boy who records the deaths of two drugged girls, which leads to a chain of events that affects him.

In the same year, he joined the cast of the second season of the TV series Californicationwhere youth Ezra played Damian, Becca’s friend, for a few episodes.

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And although his story was more dramatic than anything else, he was also part of the children’s series. Kiki! Cake from outer spacewhere he plays the role of a bully.

Participations in movies and series continued for Miller, but both in dramasWe need to talk about Kevin (2011), where he played a teenage killer who was in prison; And ‘The Perks of Being a Wallpaper (2012), known in Mexico as “The Advantages of Being Invisible” was a romantic youth drama he played in Patrick, but above all, he made himself more famous among young people.

This took him at 2016 to become Flash for the DC Extended Universe, in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice His first and brief appearance.

After that, he would repeat several times and shine in Justice League (2021) Directed Zack Snyder. Now, the already established DC movie theater Barry Allen is waiting to be the single star of one of the great productions.

Is he the one who continues the role flash? He seems to be one of the most loved actors by DC fans… And if they’ve asked for something in recent years, it’s more continuity for the actorsSo, if all goes well, I won’t miss seeing him for a few more years as a superhero.