November 28, 2023

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This is how they want you to be able to pick the lock at home using your cell phone

This is how they want you to be able to pick the lock at home using your cell phone

The big problem with smart home is that each company has its own vision of what’s best (and what offers the most benefits). Fortunately, Matter was born as an industry standard that allows all devices to communicate with each other, so that the consumer does not have to buy all products from one brand, for example.

Although the material has come a long way in the short time it has been alive, there are still many disconnected aspects of the smart home; Starting from the moment we entered said house. So far, Each smart lock manufacturer uses its own technologybut that could still change.

Just like Matter did, the new Aliro standard aims to unify all home security brands to allow users to unlock their door no matter what type of mobile phone they have.

One lock to unite them all

Alero, which means “arrival” in Esperanto as revealed the edgeis being developed by 200 companies in the industry, and the good news is that Google and Apple are involvedIn addition, Samsung is the creator of the main smart home ecosystems. But other brands like Qualcomm, Yale, Schlage, and NXP are also participating, so using one of the major companies’ system won’t be simple.

The idea is to apply the same concept to locks that was applied to the smart home with Matter; Therefore, each manufacturer will be able to further develop their systems independently, offering unique features to attract consumers. Each lock will continue to work in its own way, with its own security measures. The only thing Aliro devices have in common is the use of a global communications system to allow this Communication between devices of different brandsIn addition to the joint accreditation system.

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Smart locks compatible with Aliro will carry this marking

In other words, we can buy Any smart lock, with the guarantee that it will work with our mobile phone or smart watch. One priority is interoperability, so it doesn’t matter which manufacturer it is, as long as it carries the Aliro brand. Other priorities are simplicity to encourage more manufacturers to join, flexibility to support different types of installations, and security so that communications with mobile phones are reliable.

Alero is still taking its first steps, so there are no technical details on how it will work. Expectations are so The first specifications will be published in 2025Which any manufacturer can implement in its machines; Therefore, the first compatible locks could arrive in the same year, or in 2026.

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