December 9, 2023

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This is how you can see Apple Keynote 2023 on Linux, Android, and Windows

This is how you can see Apple Keynote 2023 on Linux, Android, and Windows

Apple is celebrating its big annual event, where the iPhone 15 is a guest, on September 12. We show you some alternative ways to view Keynote, from all types of devices.

Gone are the years when Apple only let you see your device keyword On your own devices, or only through There is now free access from multiple sources. But that may be in time Apple event on September 12th You don’t have a traditional device on hand. We explain to you Unconventional trick to connect to Apple Airplay.

the Apple Keynote 2023 It will be held on September 12 at 7:00 PM Spanish time, and the iPhone 15 will be the main course. A few days ago we explained how to watch Keynote 2023 from YouTube or, which are where most fans will go.

However, right now it is possible that the iPhone 15 presentation will catch your eye with an old mobile phone stuck in YouTube or the browser, a Linux computer without codecs installed, or any other combination of devices that does not allow you to enjoy the event through traditional channels.

A good trick is that Get the direct link of the stream and play it with this multimedia player that consumes few resources It is available on all operating systems out there, including Windows, Android, Ubuntu and others, such as VLC Media Player.

This is how you can see Apple Keynote with VLC Media Player

Beginning, DrDownload and install VLC Media Player on your devicefrom Its official website.

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Launch the application, access the menu modesand enter Open the network website:

Play in VLC media player

in the box Enter the URLyou have to paste the direct link of the broadcast. At the moment, the only one available is the one on YouTube:, which is what we put in the capture. When the stream starts, you can watch it from VLC Media player, or any other app that allows you to paste streaming links.

If you want to use Apple Airplay, it will be available a few hours before the event. Simply play the video on, right-click to open the menu that will allow you to copy the streaming link and paste it into the previous window.

This is a useful method if YouTube videos or the browser stutters on an older devicebecause they often work best in VLC Media Player.

What we’ll see in Apple Keynote on September 12

This event is definitely worth it, because Apple will be introducing its new products for Christmas this year, and for 2024.

The star, of course, will be the new iPhone 15 lineup with a USB-C connector, along with the new Apple Watch Series 9 and perhaps the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Apple Vision Pro

It is also expected Some AirPods Pro with USB-C charging case. We don’t think it will show its new tablets or laptops, because Apple computing devices are usually presented at various events, with some exceptions.

Apple Keynote 2023 will bring big changes to the Apple ecosystemat least as far as connectivity iPhone 15 with USB-C this means. We’ll see if Tim Cook delivers a surprise for the latter…

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