November 28, 2023

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This is Pikmin Finder, a new augmented reality game from the creators of Pikmin Bloom

This is Pikmin Finder, a new augmented reality game from the creators of Pikmin Bloom

Nintendo and Niantic Labs, the company behind some successful iOS and Android mobile products such as Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite And Pikmin Bloom, jointly announced a new augmented reality title based on the Pikmin universe as part of the Nintendo Live celebration in Seattle. It’s about Pikmin finder, A free game that can be accessed from any browser It is available for mobile phones and tablets with a rear camera.

As its name indicates, the main goal is Pikmin finder It is nothing but locating Pikmin in our home or our surroundings thanks to the features of augmented reality. Officials revealed that Depending on the time of day, players will be able to find different types of creatures. Once found, these plant-like creatures can be plucked from the ground with the swipe of a finger and followed while retrieving various treasures found nearby.

What did we say about Pikmin 4?

Pikmin 4 It is a very fun game that you can be proud of The most complete and accessible installment of one of Nintendo’s most memorable sagas. A title that attempts to bring together the best of the series in one adventure while breaking most of the barriers that can scare off new players, all the way while providing interesting new features and a new rhythm that gives it its own flavor compared to its predecessors. . It does iron out some of the edges that keep it from being excellent, but that doesn’t mean it remains a highly enjoyable work with many worthwhile successes as long as you’re drawn to what it proposes. Highly recommended,” we conclude our full analysis.

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