December 1, 2021

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This is the building of the Ministry of Health in Acapulco

This is the building of the Ministry of Health in Acapulco

In addition to anti-seismic technology, the building has solar panels to generate electricity and water collectors that can make it self-sufficient.

This is what SSa moving offices look like

The “smart building” has 19,086 square meters of offices, contains 932 parking spaces – an amount that exceeds the regulatory limit by more than 45% – and contains services such as a cafeteria.

When it was planned, it was thought that the so-called governmental center would allow significant savings in leases, energy consumption and travel, by concentrating the dependencies that were and still are dispersed.

At that time, the monthly cost to the state in renting an office was about 780 thousand pesos. The exchange has continued in this area since then, because the transfer of trusts did not materialize as intended.

Major offices contemplated for relocation included Conciliation and Arbitration Boards 1, 2 and 3, the Public Domain Registry, the Land Registry Institute, the Beach Promoter, the Tourist Promoter, the Tourism Development Trust, the Acapulco Trust, the Promoter and Federal Beach Services Officer, among others. other.

Meanwhile, the investment in the new building was at least 1,000 million pesos and the useful life is expected to be 90 years.

At least 1,000 million pesos was invested in the business.

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